MN Natl Guard mobilized + Cop Attacked + Pyrotechnics

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By Tom Elko 9/2/08 9:51 AM

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Scenes from the RNC Free Speech Zone


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September 1, 2008. The RNC Free Speech Zone is about two blocks from the convention site. A large anti-war march wound through the streets to a triangle of land with about 50-100 counter-protesters. The two sides were up close and personal for about one city block. The path then led the march back through a series of tall, cage-like metal barricades and back out of downtown away from the convention. Police in riot gear were on scene the entire time. This is what roughly 10,000 people experienced in the streets of St. Paul while the police and other smaller groups clashed across downtown. Video by Chuck Tomlinson

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RNC: Cop Attacked

More at The UpTake captured video of a St. Paul police officer dragging a “black bloc” protester away from a bus, only to get tackled from behind. The officer sprayed a chemical agent all around him but ultimately lost the suspect and called for backup. Video by Corey Becker.

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Trapped Between Police, Protestors And Pyrotechnics

More at Outside the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, UpTake Journalists Corrine McDermid and Oliver Dykstra find themselves caught between police and protesters when there are suddenly explosions.

Video edited by Michael McIntee.

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