Response to RNC Unrest Press Conf + Mass Arrest + Explosions

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More at St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, the St. Paul Chief of Police and a public information officer answer questions after a day of violence and arrests on the streets of St. Paul.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


UpTake Team Surrounded By Police


More at From our live cam: Corrine McDermid, Chuck Olsen and Noah Kunin are on site for what’s supposed to be the largest protest at the RNC.

Explosions at the RNC Protest


Amy Goodman Released After Illegal Arrest at RNC

Hot Day in St. Paul + Press Conference On Amy Goodman’s Arrest

RNC Mole, attorney David Anderson, Outed by Twin Cities Indymedia

Amy Goodman’s Arrest + Following the RNC Protesters + Tear Gassing the Protesters

Police, National Guard fire tear gas at Black Bloc protesters (vid) + Mass Arrests (Amy Goodman)

RNC – St Paul-Minneapolis MN

15 thoughts on “Response to RNC Unrest Press Conf + Mass Arrest + Explosions

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  12. Yeah, those dirty goons, trying to keep order in the streets. Bunch of fascists. Where do the police get off trying to protect people and property? Don’t they know they should just direct traffic and let people assault anyone they want.

    Marx, Ingels, and Lenin would have rioted too. Take that back, they had people like this do it for them.

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  14. “Ladies & Gentlemen U are under-arrest, please co-operate, “we” have everything under control”.
    That’s the problem officer, your out of control, first order of business is to protect and defend the Constitution, all other business must comply to the original draft, unless the Police work for another entity other than the United States of America, & “We the People..”…
    Sit on the ground with backs to police, do not provoke them, they will act upon their own, they get tired, and the city is paying streched funds, then it’s time to clear the streets, no need for provocation folks.

    Peace will expose the beast for what it is, a
    “Cruel & Unusual Creature”

  15. So Amy Goodman “Asaulted officers, damaged property and threatened the lives of citizens of St. Paul”?

    People become cops because they are born somewhat fascist by nature, they want power, and they love the warmongering power party as a rule.

    Where would Senator Wellstone have stood on this issue??

    I worry for Amy Goodman. Not for the violation of these goons against her civil rights, but because of the fruitlessness of the efforts she’s dedicated herself to. One can’t help but get tired seeing once again how things turn out, yet again.

    But then Amy Goodman, along with Alan Nairn and others showed up in East Timor to confront Suharto and document his US sponsored genocide, She’s seen things a bit worse than what happened here in this red-state of redneck amerigoon idiocy.

    I say give St. Paul back to the wilderness. It was once a magnificent boreal forest, ancient Northern White Cedars standing where the fascist cops now claim to hold sway.


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