RNC 8 Charged with “Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism”

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Wed, 09/03/2008 – 17:14

In what appears to be the first use of criminal charges under the 2002 Minnesota version of the Federal Patriot Act, Ramsey County Prosecutors have formally charged 8 alleged leaders of the RNC Welcoming Committee with Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism. Monica Bicking, Eryn Trimmer, Luce Guillen Givins, Erik Oseland, Nathanael Secor, Robert Czernik, Garrett Fitzgerald, and Max Spector, face up to 7 1/2 years in prison under the terrorism enhancement charge which allows for a 50% increase in the maximum penalty.

Affidavits released by law enforcement which were filed in support of the search warrants used in raids over the weekend, and used to support probable cause for the arrest warrants, are based on paid, confidential informants who infiltrated the RNCWC on behalf of law enforcement. They allege that members of the group sought to kidnap delegates to the RNC, assault police officers with firebombs and explosives, and sabotage airports in St. Paul. Evidence released to date does not corroborate these allegations with physical evidence or provide any other evidence for these allegations than the claims of the informants. Based on past abuses of such informants by law enforcement, the National Lawyers Guild is concerned that such police informants have incentives to lie and exaggerate threats of violence and to also act as provacateurs in raising and urging support for acts of violence.

“These charges are an effort to equate publicly stated plans to blockade traffic and disrupt the RNC as being the same as acts of terrorism. This both trivializes real violence and attempts to place the stated political views of the Defendants on trial,” said Bruce Nestor, President of the Minnesota Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild. “The charges represent an abuse of the criminal justice system and seek to intimidate any person organizing large scale public demonstrations potentially involving civil disobedience, he said.”


BREAKING: RNC 8 Charged with “Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism” | Twin Cities Indymedia – minneapolis – st. paul.


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  5. Ok,
    Didn’t Ms. McKinney have an oppertunity to speak at the Rally ? Where her organizers harrassed, detained, equiptment seized, visual aids confiscated, and was Ms. McKinney Questioned about her P.C. “true intentions” ?
    If so, or not so, what’s the difference, and what’s the reason ?

    What if this person was D. Kucinich, Ron Paul,
    J. McCain, B. Obama, or G. Washinton ? Hmm…
    Where is your Patriotism, and who’s pushing back ?

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