Judge sentences former lobbyist Abramoff to four years

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By Marisa Taylor
McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON — Jack Abramoff, the one-time super lobbyist who wined and dined the Republican political elite, was sentenced to four years in prison Thursday for his role in an influence-peddling scheme that ushered in sweeping lobbying reforms in Washington.

Abramoff could’ve received up to 11 years in prison, but Judge Ellen S. Huvelle decided he deserved a more lenient sentence for helping the Justice Department convict a congressman and nine others. Huvelle, however, rejected calls from prosecutors to hand down an even lower sentence.

As part of a deal with prosecutors in 2006, Abramoff pleaded guilty to tax evasion, fraud, and conspiracy to bribe public officials in connection with defrauding casino-rich Indian tribes and encouraging former congressional staffers to violate a one-year lobbying ban. The judge ordered Abramoff to continue to pay more than $23 million in restitution to his former tribal clients.


McClatchy Washington Bureau | 09/04/2008 | Judge sentences former lobbyist Abramoff to four years.



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