Our Killing Culture by Dabra Grant

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Dabra posted this as a comment to this post and I wrote to ask her if I could make a separate post for it, so here it is.  ~ Lo

by Dabra Grant
Sept 6, 2008

My newest bumper sticker idea is this:

“Not Soldiers for killing, but
Humanitarians for Healing”

Only then can I say “God Bless America” and/or, that I am proud to be an American.

What the majority of persons do not even consider is that perhaps even their religions are deceitful and wrong. In that I would like for people to question what it means that “Thou Shall Not Kill”.

How did it become all right to kill for any reason?

Why is it not OK to end a pregnancy, but OK to go to war and kill other human beings?

This for me is confusing and illogical, and yet this is the norm.

War solves nothing and the carnage is not worth not attempting to solve problems in other ways.

Do you know that the excessive Agent Orange that was dumped indiscriminately in Vietnam to get rid of it, is still causing disease and death because there is no way to dump chemicals safely in the first place? In the second place there was no thought given to just dumping chemicals in Vietnam, because these acts against nature to an “enemy” country, are the way that things are done. Bear in mind that in engaging in war, the winning of the war and the spoils of that war will become that land that was made toxic by dumping chemical upon it during war. Does this make sense? This is why I say that it is time to begin to think and proceed sanely for once and for always.

Out of sight out of mind?

All things are buried in the unconscious minds of every human that breaths because we are all connected, and humans are so far from having any clue about anything, yet so quick to be boastful and thus unreachable and unteachable. Heading straight toward an abyss that is bottomless while thinking thoughts of selfish motives, extreme greed, and false pride, wearing an ear to ear grin that does not belong, and only proves the ignorance that can and will destroy an entire planet if you all do not wake up..

This needs to finally be the age of reason and an end to following blindly without ever questioning that which is not only inane, but has allowed humanity to continue down a road of self-destruction, and murder which can never break the cycle of suffering.

Wake Up America is an understatement, and I am trapped in a world that not only makes no sense but is capable and headed towards total annihilation of every form of life. I am floored by this and I do live in the pain of knowing that until human beings do wake up and begin to question everything that they think that they know, we are doomed.

May my pleading be heard and may my consciousness become the norm. It is never too late but it is certainly too little to save us from ourselves, each other and to Save Planet Earth from greed, self-interest and a total lack of living according to anything sane, moral, or even fair or just.

We are only as good as the ground upon which we place our feet, the water that we drink and the air that we breath. With this in mind please tell me how we are doing and how we have scored.

Humans believe they own everything, but this too is exactly why you are killing yourself and everyone else. How did any one person become so self-aggrandized that they believe they can call other humans useless food eaters? Talk about a sick ego that will ruin and has ruined the possibility of a future for others?

This is not intelligent reason, this is megalomania, homicide, genocide and suicide, all mixed into a putrid bowl of a hateful and inedible soup. This insanity, and pure evil has been allowed to continue, because it has not been identified as such.

Question everything and open your minds.

There is nothing elite about persons who think this way in fact those whose greed and need for power have allowed the ruination of planet and lives are the worst and most vile criminally insane individuals.

How can I even expect that any one will understand what I say when the populace eats flesh for food, without a second thought about the fact that the meat in the wrapper is a life taken for food that is not necessary to support life. This too is killing by virtue of the law of supply and demand.

There is no real value put upon life here on earth in general and especially the USA, and that is the problem. If not life what is there?

I will continue to pick up the dead animals that you all just keep driving over in your haste to get absolutely no where. This is how I know that life has no value and so you are all killers and takers of lives which are not yours to take.

Wake up America and wake up world.

Where is this New Age?

It is here struggling to breath through the smog and thickness of the damages done. If you are not part of the solution, then you are the problem.

There is still time to change and to be the means through which an earth cataclysm is no longer necessary.

Hope? Until people change there is no need to waste time hoping. This is the time to take action because you will not have a second chance.

Why I write this, is questionable, but it helps to say something even if no one is listening, at least I have spoken and reasoned for myself.


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