Ron Paul: No Difference Between the Two Parties + Secret Service confiscates books & buttons

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The story after the video is incredible.   This needs to be discussed.  These were legitimate delegates to the convention.   ~ Lo


Ron Paul on Fox News 09/03/08

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Secret Service confiscates books & buttons from Ron Paul delegates

By: D. H. Williams @ 7:29 PM – EST
Daily Newscaster
September 4th, 2008

Today at the Republican National Convention, as the Ron Paul Delegates were taking a picture in front of the model White House inside the Convention Center, they were surrounded by Secret Service which proceeded to search the bags of all the delegates. They took any and everything related to Ron Paul including signs, buttons, videos, slim jims, cards, even books.

Alternate Delegate Dennis Rothacker from Florida said “We were done taking the picture when Secret Service started walking into the room and surrounded us. There were about 30 of them. When they searched my bags they took my Ron Paul sign and turned a deaf ear to my complaints, they just walked away.”

Secret Service confiscates books & button from Ron Paul delegates | Daily Newscaster.


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  5. Wow. That’s the Secret Service being employed in a specifically political act, as opposed to anything remotely resembling protection.

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