Danny Glover on New Orleans & ‘Trouble the Water’

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Danny Glover on post-Katrina New Orleans and the new film “Trouble the water”

One thought on “Danny Glover on New Orleans & ‘Trouble the Water’

  1. Realize your community, is your community.
    Voice your concerns to restore your communities Tranquility. What is causing the problems and how to resolve them. If something is not workingn then a change must be encouraged, not E, Pluribus Uno, but E, Uno Pluribus, free one, free all…..
    Promises from afar, are just more promises.
    Supposedly a lot of dollars where sent to help, but whom received this wind-fall?
    Not poor people white, black, or….., those be criminal’s, no jobs, homes, street-people, turned prostitute, drug-dealer, theif, a laundry list of built-in security issues.
    I think we all know….papa sierra.
    Pecae prayer’s best thoughts America.

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