US to establish naval base in Georgia

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Ahhh!  Another foreign military base in the works, don’t we have enough already?  Fingers into too many pies, imo.  ~ Lo

Press TV

Sun, 07 Sep 2008 11:26:05 GMT

The US is negotiating with Georgia and Turkey to establish a naval base at one of the two key Georgian ports of Batumi or Poti, reports say.

Turkey, in an attempt to avoid political tension with Russia, has not officially revealed its position regarding the plan, said Gruzya Online, a Russian-language internet site.

Russia had previously announced its intention to station its own special forces at the Georgian ports.

One of the responsibilities of US Special Forces in the region is to ensure the security of an oil pipeline passing through Georgia.

Press TV – US to establish naval base in Georgia.

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  3. From spring of 2002, American troops were in Georgia to train Georgian soldiers and provide support so that Russia who still had a military base there, would not try and re-claim the Georgian territory. As you can see, no sooner than we were out of the country, Russia invaded. Georgia, wants our military there as a deterrent.

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