Neo-Progressives Sell Out To Democrats, by Joel S. Hirschhorn

Note: although Joel is a featured writer here on Dandelion Salad he wrote this piece for another website as an exclusive, so you’ll have to read the rest of the article there.  Thanks, Lo

by Joel S. Hirschhorn
featured writer
Dandelion Salad
Sept 8, 2008

(Swans – September 8, 2008) Before you say it, let me say it: I am espousing a political view that is counter to current mainstream feelings and thought in the “progressive” community. My main thesis is that the support for Barack Obama by so-called progressives is a disgrace, because Obama in no way represents authentic progressive ideals and political reforms. These people are neo-progressives or, less politely, fake progressives. Real progressives should vote for third-party candidates because they are passionately against the two-party plutocracy that has shredded American democracy, promoted bellicose globalism, and pounded the middle class.

Swans Commentary: Neo-Progressives Sell Out To Democrats, by Joel S. Hirschhorn – joelh06.

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  4. It’s just the latest incarnation of Clintonism – turning the Democratic Party into no more than an imitation of the GOP.

    I don’t understand why more progressives aren’t seeing that there’s no there there for them.

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