Big Think: Interview with Amy Goodman on Election 2008

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Amy Goodman encourages citizen empowerment as the best route for getting the candidates’ true stories.

In her conversation with us Amy focused on the necessity of pressuring politicians in order to hold them accountable to the needs of the citizens. She explained that “politicians change their positions when pressure is exerted upon them: that’s what politics is.”

How poignantly ironic then, that she was arrested while carrying out her duty as as a journalist and a citizen to hold politicians responsible to the needs of the people.



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2 thoughts on “Big Think: Interview with Amy Goodman on Election 2008

  1. “I believe everyone in the world should get to vote for president of the united states”

    Until such time as the USA retreats behind its borders, and stops meddling in international affairs through militaristic force, the world remains victim with every right to be involved in the illegal actions of the leaders the arrogant populace of the USA promotes.

    This is not the first time empire that reared its horrific head, but now its US, and the hardware is more horrific than ever before imagined, by many orders of magnitude.

    Thank you Amy, for demanding that we demand information. Thank you Lo for publishing this. Even the most scripturally twisted hate-mongerers of the US ultra-rightist, ultra warmongering, ultra-cultist evangelical heartland can relate to the truth here spoken.

    Sadly I fear the USA will need to face the Alamo, or Antietam, or relive the massive agony that befell Napoleon’s, Hitler’s and the Roman troops as they befell the ultimate destiny of all arrogant empires: failure, humility, failure.

    The USA is falling, but if falling, and failing is the only way to prove that even in the industrial age of MAD war, empire will always fail, so be it.

    As Dr. King pointed out, even ‘god’ will appear to say ‘we are too arrogant’. Likely it[‘s simply the law of nature. Balance will be found, as it always has. The USA will fall like a see-saw. This is not my wish, nor ‘god’s’ will, it is the pendulum, the pattern of all arrogant empires who seek to subjugate nations for the benefit of greed, god and glory.

    We will survive. But we are ‘too arrogant’ and it will be our undoing. The USA was an experiment, and we’ve seen throughout the short history of this nationhood, the failure of that experiment. The ‘law’ of the land has been forsaken, and without that, the USA means nothing at all except greed, god, guns & graft.

    Grow food!

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