Countdown: Barack Obama + Sarah Palin? She Lies & Lies & Lies Some More!

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September 08, 2008 MSNBC Keith Olbermann

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Sarah Palin? She Lies & Lies & Lies Some More!


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3 thoughts on “Countdown: Barack Obama + Sarah Palin? She Lies & Lies & Lies Some More!

  1. I find it funny how little of Obama’s slander, flipflopping on his key issues, namecalling, or just lack of true planning is brought up here. Doesn’t sound like a fair shake now does it? Politics are made up of liers, all of them are, but the key is, who is lying about what, and how big the lies really are. If you care to even do just alittle leg work, you’ll quickly find the Obama camp is full of big lies about how it intends to fund it’s major platform welfare programs, it’s slander and namecalling attacks are unprecidented in election history, not from the left fringe, but straight from the lips of Obama and friends. The “lipstick” agenda yesterday as part of the Obama talking points to it’s supporters says it all. Sad and desperate.

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