Republicans on Fantasy Island – You Just Can’t Make This Sh*t Up!

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6 thoughts on “Republicans on Fantasy Island – You Just Can’t Make This Sh*t Up!

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  2. y/w. being that the stupid party’s noise machine is falling back to their tired ‘Red Scare’ fear campaign position is truly lame. but people that think they’re getting honest political dialogue from their teevee or local Clear Channel radio station, suck it up with a straw and continue to further distort the objective discourse that is plainly staring them in the face.

    This is how such governments act when inflated home values collapse, taking property and sales tax revenues with them. And it’s a tidy illustration of the way our current system is rigged to wring every penny from the productive class before expropriating them entirely.

    Some might object that it’s unfair to treat local and county governments as part of the same system of institutionalized plunder that gave us Fannie and Freddie. But we really should dispense with the illusion that anything resembling a federal system still exists in the United States.

    Every government agency at every level is merely an administrative unit of the monolithic, fiat currency-fueled, Warfare/Welfare/Homeland Security Leviathan that must collapse — and the sooner, the better — if civilization is to recover.

  3. Very good reply, mudshark. Buffoon doesn’t know what real Socialism is, but I’m trying to inform him through the various posts here.

    Thanks for the link, too. Good story.

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  5. All politicians are corrupt, but at least the right doesn’t want to turn America into a communist country like the left would like to do. Obama, the Marxist candidate.

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