One Day in Wasilla by David Brickner + Entire message delivered to Wasilla Church

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My suggestion is to listen to his entire message that he gave to this church.  ~ Lo

by David Brickner
Jews for Jesus
September 9, 2008

Last month I had the privilege of speaking at a large church in the small town of Wasilla, Alaska. At the time, few people outside of Alaska had heard of Wasilla; now almost everyone in America knows that it is the hometown of Sarah Palin, John McCain’s Vice Presidential running mate. She not only grew up in Wasilla; she served as its mayor before being elected governor of Alaska. The Palins now attend the church where I spoke; in fact, during the second service the entire family stood before the congregation as their newborn son was dedicated to the Lord.

My message that morning from Matthew 23: 37-39, titled, “The Jerusalem Dilemma,” made reference to sin and judgment, and the need for all people, both Jews or Gentiles, to repent and seek forgiveness through Y’shua. I pointed to the many conflicts and tragedies that we hear about daily on the news, as evidence that the whole world is suffering the effects of sin and stands under God’s judgment; that we all need the grace and forgiveness of God found only in Christ. These are no more or less than basic tenets of the Christian faith. Then I spoke of God’s great love for Israel and for the world, and shared the encouraging news of how many Israelis are now open to hearing about Jesus.


You can read or listen to the entire message at our website if you like. Please pray that many people, especially unbelievers, will do so.  May this be God’s way of getting His gospel message out far beyond Wasilla!

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