Ron Paul: Do You Even Think About Americans?

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September 09, 2008 C-SPAN

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12 thoughts on “Ron Paul: Do You Even Think About Americans?

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  7. Sure they sent help to Georgia, humanitarian reason ,what about Katrina. They sent the so call help so they can spy on the Russians. I wonder how many Israelites went with them.

  8. Wow. Ron Paul didn’t sound much like a libertarian there! Thank goodness he’s asking some of the questons that needed to be asked – and – of course – he got back from the Department of State rep. the usual lies, half-truths and evasions. Oh, sure, sending military ships to a war zone isn’t a military provocation (even the commander of the ‘humanitarian’ operation said that they were sending Russia a signal – ie. a provocation). Oh sure, let’s ignore the fact that Russia was, if nothing else, defending its peacekeeping troops already in Georgia/South Ossetia by treaty. Oh sure, lets justify provoking possible war with Russia not on the basis of the actual merits of the situation, but on the basis of the fact that Georgia ‘helped us in Iraq’.

    I’d say that makes Georgia guilty in two illegal and immoral attacks, not just one. Partners in crime.

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