Kucinich: Bush-Ordered Attacks in Pakistan Further Destabilizing World Security

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by Dennis Kucinich
After Downing Street

Washington D.C. (September 12, 2008) — Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), who in October 2002 was the first member of Congress who maintained that Bush was lying to take the country into war, issued the following statement regarding President Bush’s authorization of U.S. attacks inside of Pakistan:

“The President is once again violating international law by invading yet another nation which has not attacked the United States. Once again, he places our troops and our reputation at risk. Once again, he creates more enemies for America. Pakistan’s objections to the illegal US Predator strikes inside the country’s border should be a clear indication of how Pakistan would respond to another illegal attack upon their sovereign nation.

“Pakistan is a nuclear flash point on the Asian subcontinent. This situation requires intense diplomacy. The United States under George Bush is playing with fire, creating more instability, killing innocent Pakistanis, imperiling our troops in the region and weakening the hold our allies have on their democratic governments. Instead of limiting aggression, Bush expands it.

“The Administration not only ignores the will of an ally, but risks expanding the failed war in Afghanistan into Pakistan. This is unnecessary and it is illegal. Congress must intervene legislatively and legally to block Bush from continuing down this dangerous path.

“Additionally, this is further proof why Congress should not adjourn at the end of September. Congress’ absence from Washington will further license the Administration to build up conflict with Iran, Russia, Pakistan and beyond. We must stay in session through the year’s end and into the next Congress to hold this President in check.

“We must exercise our responsibility as a co-equal branch of government. President Bush acts as though the United States is an imperial monarchy. Yet, even with 761 military bases scattered across the globe, the sun must set on Bush’s aggression.

“With the domestic economy in jeopardy, with people losing their jobs, their investments, their retirement security, their health care, and their plans for their children’s education, the Administration’s focus should be on domestic matters. Sadly, for the world, their only talent is creating war.”

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9 thoughts on “Kucinich: Bush-Ordered Attacks in Pakistan Further Destabilizing World Security

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  5. Do you think why America is making more foes than friends??

    I am from Pakistan and i have some what idea of public sentiments here. Crossing the border, firing missiles and civilian casualties is making a difficult task almost impossible for the Government of Pakistan. We need to win the hearts rather than killing civilians and their children. Public opinion matters a lot and these type of attacks risk losing the war.

    As the elections in America are near i see increase in these type of attacks for ‘short term political gains’.

    Personally i like Americans and I would like to see them to stand up and tell their government that enough is enough because violence breeds violence.

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