Countdown: Sarah Palin Interviews + Palin Perpetuating the 9-11 Myth

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Sept. 12, 2008

Sarah Palin Interviews

Keith reports on the spin coming out of the Sarah Palin interviews with Charlie Gibson in the last two days.

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G.O. Propaganda

Keith reports on the press finally waking up a bit and starting to call the McCain campaign out for lying in their campaign ads. Markos Moulitsas from DailyKOS weighs in.

Palin Perpetuating the 9-11 Myth

Keith reports on Sarah Palin continuing to perpetuate the myth that Iraq had anything to do with 9-11. Chris Hayes weighs in.

Richard Wolffe Interview on Palin

Richard Wolffe weighs in on the Sarah Palin interviews and notes that Barack Obama would have been savagely attacked by the right wingers if he had made some of the same mistakes that Sarah Palin has.

John McCain on The View

Keith shows a short portion of McCain’s appearance on The View today.


Tonight’s: President Petulant-Gate, Blood for Oil-Gate and Mastermind-Gate.

McCain in the Membrane

Today’s edition of McCain in the Membrane showing McCain in October 2007 talking about how he was prepared to be President and not just a Mayor for a short time or Governor for a small amount of time.



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