Pakistan army ordered to hit back at U.S. forces

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Tehran Times
September 13, 2008

TEHRAN (Press TV) — The Pakistani Army has been given orders to retaliate against any unilateral strike by the Afghanistan-based U.S. troops inside the country.

Army Spokesman Maj Gen Athar Abbas confirmed the orders in a brief interview with Geo News on late Thursday night.

The decision was made on the first day of the two-day meeting of Pakistan’s top military commanders to discuss the U.S. coalition’s ground and air assault in Waziristan region which killed dozens of civilians.

Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani chaired the meeting which began in Rawalpindi on Thursday at the Army General Headquarters.

Pakistan’s military commanders expressed their determination to defend the country’s borders without allowing any external forces to conduct operations inside the tribal belt bordering Afghanistan, sources said.


tehran times : Pakistan army ordered to hit back at U.S. forces.

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  4. This is just another example of how misconceived Bush’s policy is. Yes, it is necessary to go after Al Queda and the Taliban in Pakistan, but to do so without notifying Pakistan violates their sovereignity. Granted that many in the Pakistani secret service and military may pass that information along, it is nonetheless wrong to not have negotiated with the Pakistani government initially.

    Let’s bring this “confict” home with a simple example: If Mexico, for example, invaded and bombed U.S. territory without the express approval of our government, would we stand by and allow it? Would we not fight back?

    Our troops do need to bomb and destroy the Taliban and Al Queda, but we need to have the support and approval of Pakistan because it is a sovereign nation.

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