Gas stations are running out of Gas! Are your’s?

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Approx. 75% of the gas stations in my area are completely out of Gas. What’s the situation in your area? Please post a reply video or comment regarding the gas situation in your area and be sure to use the share feature to send this video with all of your youtube contacts.

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4 thoughts on “Gas stations are running out of Gas! Are your’s?

  1. SO thats the problem, here my family has had a rough time finding gas stations that are open. (We live in Brackney, Pa.) We plan on stocking up tommorrow on gas. I also heard from another site that something called a gas tax is the reason why the stations are closed but I’m not sure.

  2. When I gassed up 2 days ago, the gas station had a sign that said that the SouthEast is having a gas shortage and that each customer should limit their gas purchase to 10 gallons. The price was still okay, but my brother bought gas for over $4.

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