Countdown: Paul Krugman on the Econimic Crisis

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Sept. 15, 2008

Keith reports on the crisis coming out of the financial markets today and Paul Krugman weighs in.

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Tonight’s: Unitary Executive-Gate, Stop Giving Me Such Good Material-Gate and GOT-Gate.


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2 thoughts on “Countdown: Paul Krugman on the Econimic Crisis

  1. This should be the new name of the republican party.The G.O.T or Grand Old Terrorism party is a moniker that sticks like glue to these neo-cons that have taken over the the once Grand Old Party.Elect us to keep America safe,just like we did on Sept.11 2001.
    Bush refused to take any action to prevent the terrorist attack and only wants to ease the impediments to business that make it harder to rip off the investor.
    These people live in a bubble which most people have never seen the likes of.They don’t have to worry if they will have enough money to pay their electric bill, be able to afford a visit to the doctor and the prescription to make them well or if they will even have a job next week.
    The CEO’s of these entities receive outlandish salaries,drive them into the ground and then get millions to leave.McCain’s economic adviser,Carli Fiorina is a prime example.After being forced out at H.P she received 42 million in severance,21 mil severance and another 21mil in stocks and pension.
    Phil Gramm says this is a mental recession,quit your whining.Meanwhile he has a salary in the hundreds of millions so he can’t relate to the every day travails of the average working person trying to live on $25000 a year.
    Republicans hate socialism,unless it socializes their losses in the stock market.They have reinvented the markets and banking,which has always been a pyramid scheme, so they can make untold billions.Then when it all comes crashing down,we the tax payer are expected to bail their asses out of the mess they created.
    We can not have national health care because the expense is too great,but we have to bail out these wealth and money managers because they are too big to fail.
    We seem to have an unlimited supply of money when it comes to Wall Street or the war in Iraq.Our nations infrastructure is wasting away and we will throw away what will probably be the biggest bailout in our or any nations history.They use their lobbyists to push market and banking deregulation and now that turkey has come home to roost.

    Bend over and spread ’em taxpayer.Wall Street needs your money,yet again.

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