Nader on bank woes: ‘I predicted this’

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By Alexander Burns
9/15/08 1:39 PM EST

“The rubber band eventually snapped,” said Ralph Nader of the recent investment bank troubles.

As banks reeled and presidential campaigns scrambled to react to the crisis on Wall Street Monday, color one man unsurprised.

“I predicted this,” said Ralph Nader, the independent presidential candidate. “All this I’ve written about five, 10 years ago.”

In a meeting with Politico reporters and editors, Nader laid the blame for the current economic upheaval squarely at the feet of corporate America.


Nader on bank woes: ‘I predicted this’ – Alexander Burns –


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4 thoughts on “Nader on bank woes: ‘I predicted this’

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  3. Have you ever been to a meeting and listened while others babbled on and on without knowing what they were talking about and you couldn’t get a word in edgewise?

    That must be how Ralph Nader feels today. Media pundits chatter about pigs, pork and lipstick, headlines blare whenever Obama or McCain move in the polls.

    But when Ralph Nader speaks, it is like a tree falling in the forest, no one hears.

    If George Bush had not spoiled his run for president in 2000, would Americans be experiencing the economic meltdown? I don’t think so.

    Eight years ago, Nader predicted that Fannie and Freddie were headed for trouble, but no one listened. Actually no one could even hear what he said.

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