Why I FEAR Obama like no other, like no other

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By Ignorance Isn’t Bliss
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Dandelion Salad
Sept 16, 2008

Amidst all the potential nasties, I fear one thing most. And this one reason alone is why I’ve deeply felt for some time that he will surely be the one “elected”. And I’ll preemptively point out that the list of reasons that precedes this one thing almost wholeheartedly applies to McCain as well (worse in many cases). This won’t be a reason any Liberal or Conservative would ever expect, nor is the preceding list hardly particular in any ‘wedge issue’ topic. Vote None of the Above!

So is it…

…because he’s calling for a Stasi-like “national security force” consisting of middle & high school children that is larger than the US military?

…because he “believes” in the delusional “War on Terror” ? Link 1 Link 2 Link 3

…because Joe Biden is a “War on Terror” fearmonger who during the Dem debates spouted off the same fearmongering rhetoric as the GOP’s Neocons were using?

…because supports the notion of a military draft (sounds similar to annual legislative proposals from another Democrat -who endorsed him- for a ‘universal’ military draft that includes all women ages 18-40) ? “If we are going into war, then all of us go, not just some”.

…because Obama voted for the new FISA Act, which granted immunity to telecommunication corporations for illegal wiretapping , and runaway governmental wiretapping?

…because he didn’t support Dennis Kucinich’s drive to impeach Bush & Cheney, stating that “impeachment is not acceptable”?

…because he has pledged to let Bush’s crimes remain buried for all time?

…because he disregards the fact that the primary motivation for 9/11 terror attacks on the US is US foreign policy itself (meaning that continuing the perpetual war policy literally means never ending perpetual war)?

…because he wants to expand taxes in general, but in particular implement a “global tax”?

…because Zbignew Brzezinski, his chief foreign policy adviser, is a flagrant neoliberal global imperialist who essentially created “Osama Bin Laden” and the “War on Terror”?

…because he supports BushCo.’s Russian border missile “defense shield”, which is their ’solution’ of creating a “New Cold War” to ensure perpetual wars even with an eroding notion of a never-ending “War on Terror”? Link

…because Obama is just another frontman for the privately-owned tyrannical Federal Reserve, which has devalued the dollar to being worth less than 4 cents since its inception in 1913?

…because Joe Biden supports what amounts to runaway copyright laws expanding “Big 5″ media content protection? Because Biden bends over for expanded FBI powers, and supports stymying private citzens rights to using software encryption? Because Biden has about the most dismal Cyber Rights voting record possible? Link

…because Obama was soft on HR1951 / S1959, which was the open embracement of the modern day COINTELPRO which was used to violently repress civil rights groups (Black Panthers, etc) in the 60’s and 70’s?

…because Joe Biden supports stripping US citizens rights & ability to defend itself (from tyrannical government) with firearms?

…because VP Joe Biden promised a Supreme Court ruling on mandatory “Verichip” implants for the US population?

…because he’s just another front for NAFTA, even though he tries to deny it?

…because despite criticising the “Politics of Fear”, he still supports both the War on Terror & Global Warming. After years of propaganda from each side on these matters he doesn’t even have to directly engage in pure fearmongering. He merely needs to mention the issues and support them. The effects of others fearmongering is already there to invoke. FACT: there isn’t an actual consensus on man made “Global Warming”.

…because he’s for an expanded global government UN? (This goes without saying)

…because Obama is a first term Senator, meaning we don’t even have a clear record of who we’re dealing with ?

…because he doesn’t speak about nor does his campaign respond to the Depleted Uranium US munitions issue? It turns out that most US military tank rounds -amongst many other munition types- are made from DU, which has a 4 billion year half-life and causes birth defects in now multiple countries where it has been used by US forces since the first Gulf War.

…because, despite all the ‘Strengthening the Middle Class” & “regulations” rhetoric, Obama fronts for Wall Street’s corrupt infrastructure? The old axiom ‘Put your money where your mouth is’ sure comes to mind, but it goes further than just that. Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 Link 5

…because he dodges the new 9/11 investigation issue, and for sure doesn’t speak about it whatsoever? Regardless of your view, it doesn’t take much research to conclude that the 9/11 Commission “investigation” was a total farce, and that the stakes are so high in this regard that to not insist on a full investigation goes beyond mere national suicide.

…because his wife and he are both Council on Foreign Relations members? The CFR is the ideological powerhouse organization in which te past 90 years worth of never ending “American Imperialism” perpetual war may be mostly to attributed to. The list of some members of this group should speak for itself: George H. W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Allen Welsh Dulles, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Walter Lippmann, John McCain, David Rockefeller, Fred Thompson, Herbert Hoover, Michael R. Bloomberg, Sandy Berger, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Robert M. Gates, Gary Hart, John Kerry, Irving Kristol, John D. Negroponte, Condoleezza Rice, Paul Wolfowitz, James Woolsey, Gerald Ford, Rupert Murdoch, Porter J. Goss & Newt Gingrich. BUT, not only does the CFR steer American Imperialism, its the powerhouse driving one world government. One example is the whole “North American Union” controversy. The NAU is driven almost completely by the CFR, whose mission resembles the dictatorial European Union. Much more can be said of this but these entries are meant to be short. NAU Link 1 NAU Link 2 NAFTA Link 1 SPP Link 1

…because he preached fearmongering to a foreign crowd in Germany about rampant border-less ‘threats’, where he in effect called for a “New World Order” without using those particular words ?

…because Obama and Dick Cheney of all people on earth are cousins (in a similar vein to how Bush & John Kerry are cousins)? So a few of these might seem flimsy, but that doesn’t discount my other points while when you add them in its just gets uglier and uglier.

…because his economic adviser (since Barack’s Illinois Senate campaign), Austan “the ghoul” Goolsbee, is Skull & Bones the same as the Bush’s and even John Kerry, despite there not being more than 900 living members of this nefarious organization at any giving time ? At one point, during its rule, the Bush administration contained 11 S&B members, not to mention his dad and brother Jeb.

…because he’s another in a long line of Israel Lobby politicians ? This is another touchy subject, but the fact remains that the Palestinians weren’t the ones who expelled the Jews from Israel, and in the modern sense there are ‘private citizen’ Zionist terrorists who commit the same atrocities as the Muslim extremists. And even though the Israeli government performs ‘Big Brother’ operations against the Zionist terrorists -who literally call for genocide against their enemy- the vast majority of policies and actions by said Israeli government still complement their work just the same. The legacy of the Israeli government has been compared to the ‘apartheid’ South African regimes of decades past, but name calling happened in those decades. So for Obama to support the Israeli government has rammifications paralleling supporting the confederate leadership during the US “Civil” War. Now for the touchy side, Israel means lots of things for lots of different people.There are lots of different justificiations or rather rationalizations for continuing blind support for Israeli policies , that I don’t have time to get into here. But suffice to say, many assume it has to do with Biblical scripture, but the part that doesn’t make sense is we still find the same support by the so-called ‘heathen’ Liberal elitists. The answer to this paradox is the key to understanding the whole point of Israel: Israel is simply a US imperial beach-headfortress in the Middle East, to ensure American Imperialism over the Middle East. Which means their tyrannical policies get the blind eye, not that the Israeli Lobby runs the United States.

…because BushCo. has already spent 8 years on turning the White House and the Imperial Presidency into a centralized dictatorial powerhouse, but Obama has failed to make sweeping & itemized promises to undo it all while he’ll be quite bust doing all of his other “change” to assume he’ll actually focus on cleaning up the dictatorial presidential executive orders, congressional legislation and over 1100 executive signing statements?

NO! None of those are the reason.

I’m quite ‘used to’ those sorts of travesties & tyrannies already.

The reason is actually more simple and subtle: Crowd Control.

The Answer: Nobody can possibly subdue the masses like Obama can. That’s why he’s the Ruling Establishment’s man. After 8 years of BushCo. over half the population aren’t just pissed, they’re in complete dustrust of the government in general. The control scheme to keep us ignorant and asleep is falling apart at the seams. And even more important than just having a pissed off political party the nations youth are waking up at an ‘alarming’ rate. The youth are the ones who protest. And Black’s have a history of rioting.

Only Obama can can get the bulk Democrat’s, The Youth and Minorities under his wing, while at the same time not having too much of the GOP base pissed to all whits end. Consider if Hillary would have “won”: virtually the entire GOP base would have been up in arms. While there will still be an us vs. them sense of defeat and so forth, the same amount of hate wouldn’t exist, especially not right away. And since Obama is apparently in a position to start taking on Neocon foreign policy positions he seems poised keep even some of the staunchest Neocon types content. Besides Hillary wouldn’t have ever had the Obama effect on The Youth.

Meanwhile, it’s The Youth in particular that must be put under wraps. Further, considering African American voter disfranchisement in the past 2 presidential elections, I’d say that they’re already a whits end. What better way to garner their unbridled support than to allow them to ‘vote’ for a ‘Black’ man? For the majority of the population to be willingly controlled, we must trust, we must “Believe In” the system in general and the election process in particular.


Lets say you happen to be amongst the puppeteers who runs the big show from behind the scenes. Like if you were one of the many deeply embedded in the Military Industrial Complex, the central banking scheme, the Big 5 Media, etc. You know, the people that steer (electioneer) and even rig the elections. The “Disaster Capitalists” whose portfolios are set to make profits off of any and nearly all disasters. The people who seek world government aka global domination, and who use the United States as the machine to make that a reality.

Well if you’re one of these people then you face a serious problem: you can’t control a system when most of its population doesn’t trust you. Likewise, you can’t control an alert population. Most importantly: you can’t maintain a system of quiet domination when the youth of it are angry, and are making noise in the streets. Enter Obama.

To maintain a hegemonic system of never ending perpetual war -bent on global domination- you need a subdued and dumbed down citizenry. In particular, you need the youth not only ignorant to the hard truth, but you also need them to believe in your government. Therefore, the more cult-like you can get them the better.

For a spell Bush enjoyed such a scenario. But where it lacked, especially after the invasion of Iraq, was only about half the population idolized he and ‘his’ government. It wasn’t too long before one half of the population cursed his name to the ranks of Hitler, and nowadays maybe half of his own ‘cult’ doesn’t dodge him like the plague. Many who once gobbled up his every breathe as truth handed down from God Almighty now have awoken to the morbid truth of a nightmare that runs much deeper than Bush and his cronies. That nightmare is best known as the “American Dream”.

Back to the ‘criminal profiler’ view, as central social engineering planners, by necessity of career and worldview, you see the ‘08 election coming. You’ve had several years to study ‘your’ ‘market’ and ‘your’ ‘audience’. So as you and your think-tanks contemplate the best way to ensure your future goals, it would already be obvious that you need your masses truly on board. Total subservience; Total acquiescence; Or at least as close as possible.

But now, during the final stages of your plot for world control, of true militaristic technological totalitarianism, you face the youth in new ways. Many things, but 2 things in particular, besides ‘the war’ itself, compel them. First, the nation is barreling towards being $10 trillion in national debt, which means its the youth in particular in trouble. Second, there’s this pesky new thing known as the Internet helping the masses wake up to the reality that your controlled media ‘pentopoly’ would normally divert them from.

In this 21st Century reality you need a 21st Century ‘leader’ to whip the 21st Century masses into an all-time cultish fervor. The obvious choice would be Barack Hussein Obama. You really couldn’t ask for more from your position. It’s the best of both worlds, and after-all, thanks to careful engineering over many decades, there are only 2 realities for the masses to pick from (Left or Right).

After nearly 8 years of rabid hatred from most of the one half, and the youth of the typically marginalized masses beginning to wake up, you must get these segments of your control scheme under wraps. Especially considering each have the War doctrine among the top items of their lists. When you’re executing Vietnam’esque policy you can’t have a repeat of the response to such. You’ve already learned that lesson.

The solution to maintaining your policy goals is not to actually strip away the policies, but rather send in the perfect man to convince the masses that the policies will “change” and therefore they can go back to bed. You need the perfect oratory hitman, from your own ranks, of course. And the masses need him, because after most of a lifetime of deep-concerns revolving around ballgames, TV commercials and power-shopping they are a strained citizenry in light of the painful truth of modern years.

So with Obama its a slam dunk. By gearing the foreign policy just right, you’ll be able to keep much of the Right at least content. You will only be able to please the some of the staunchest pro-war-mongers so far, but that’s OK because many of them are already over with “BushCo.” obsession. Meanwhile, again, most Youth & Democrats & Minorities will be put back to sleep.


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8 thoughts on “Why I FEAR Obama like no other, like no other

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  2. I can’t and won’t vote for evil so will be voting for Nader (again). It’s never a wasted vote. If enough people vote third party, maybe the two major parties won’t take our votes for granted. The Repubs have figured that out, one reason they chose Palin for the VP. The Dems need to do the same for those of us on the left.

  3. We only have 2 choices, unfortunately, unless you want to waste your vote (if it really is counted). But I’m far more scared of McSame than I’d ever be towards Obama. And Palin needs to be hung up and cupcakes thrown at her for using her children as political props.

  4. Woah, that is an intense diatribe. Many points. Many links yet to follow.

    Interesting the idea that the ability to mesmerize crowds of youth while positing no clear policy or platform can be considered dangerous. Perhaps… but bear in mind that this is the sports-fanatic, mega-churched, stadium-show mentality of the USA. Barack spent much time in a megachurch and knows how to move a crowd, not a bad skill to have when trying to win elections.

    I’d keep in mind whose flock he joined. Rev. Wright, for all his ego, was RIGHT, and nailed the US imperialist atrocities in famous fashion– that is a legacy Barack’s got to appear to refute in order to not seem like the america-hating american any dissenter is now so successfully made out to be by the bible-belted believers in faux noise.

    The democrats have as shady a history as anyone.

    But bear in mind, folks, Barack is clearly no militarist. McBomb IS. McBomb is a mass-murdering bomber, a killer with a warmongering vendetta. This man has killed, burned, shredded human beings from the air. This man launched himself into an illegal war and carried out atrocities in direct violation of the UN Charter. John McCain is for all intents and purposes a war-criminal per the law of the land signed onto by the USA at Geneva, both after WW2, and pre US build-up in Vietnam.

    John McCain has physically carried out orders that resulted in the direct deaths and dismemberment of likely innocents in an illegal, horrific, tragic war of aggression in the farthest flung land that was of no even remote threat to the USA.

    I would never have put Kerry at the helm of the US military machine either, yet he spoke out against Vietnam. McCain would likely rather have nuked the place.

    Leaving aside politics, the single most important responsibility anyone has in this land, is to be certain that the individual given the constitutional authority as Commander in Chief of the malignant doomsday machine of the US military, be not already a psychotic, psychopathic, militaristic serial-killer. McBomb is exactly that, Barack is not. All other issues may be addressed and debated, but this one cannot.

    Also, I take exception with this:
    “…because Joe Biden supports stripping US citizens rights & ability to defend itself (from tyrannical government) with firearms”

    This is ultra-rightist Paulist mania. Amerigoons like their guns because they like to kill things. Firearms are a violent addiction, not a form of defense. Nobody in their right mind could imagine that a militia of gun-totin’ cowboys is gonna defend anything or anyone against the armed forces of the USA, nor would any normal person imagine that the US armed forces could possibly subjugate this huge land by force.

    All this 2nd amendment posturing is simply to sustain an addiction to hunting and shooting, and the thrill of the force of fire-power. You want the right to bear arms? Roll up your friggin’ sleeves!

    The USA is ramping up its arms sales big-time. The whole notion of firearms, weapons of war, and all this militaristic hunting of humans and animals is all part of the same addictive mindset.
    It’s not tough, it’s not fascinating, it’s not fun to watch nor play it in video-games, it’s sick in the brain. The human mind has a weakness when it comes to violence, and it thrills to the surge of hormones from horror, power and fear. Just as we must acknowledge the heroin addicts addiction to an irrational and destructive quest for the chemistry of pleasure, we must acknowledge the same among those who pursue power, force, domination and destruction. Firearms are precisely the vehicle for that addiction.

    There is no way to peace, peace is the way. Don’t teach your youth to become addicted to the power of guns, teach them to shun them. Don’t teach people that firearms are the answer to personal security, that’s just more of the same fearmongering. Teach peace.

  5. Thanks for reposting. Responses hav eben fun. It’s bee like not too long ago, but instead of receiving the same attacks by Neocon Bush-worshippers its now Democrats doing the exact same.

  6. I agree, there is no good choice for President, both of these choices are no more than fascists organizations representing attorney’s, corporations, and other’s that want to control the United States of America for profit.

    But the thing that is not wrong is the “Draft” the draft is necessary and right, just like we can not live with out our military neither can we no longer survive with out our military being strong, I am not for a large civilian force, outside of the National Guard, which has been asked to provide way too much in the last 15 years under Bush regims.

    I am into productivity, and we waste way too much money with a volunteer military. Just count up the 100’s of millions of dollars wasted in the volunteer military by recruiting, advertising, signing bonsues, additionally the voluniteer military has lead the army to privatize their entire force except the grunts on the ground with guns.

    There was a time when you could learn a skill by joining the military, but today that has almost vanished, while the grunts on the ground learn how to kill people.

    The privatizaion of the Army also costs us Americans easily three times as much to run, because I can guarntee you that the corporations that are being hired are stealing the public’s money through fraud, mis management and many other things.

    Additionally, today in our urban areas we have only 50% or less of the children graduating from high school, basically these people become dis enfranchized from society, and many times become disfunctional, and don’t leare or know how to work, except in areas like dealing drugs etc.

    Consequently I believe that we should not let these children be sebnt adrift, they needs to learn a job, and the military could supply this training. Additionaly most of the problems in our public schools is from people that have or receive any consequences from their actions, and the ones that disrupt the education system destroy the education process for many not just themselves.

    I am not talking about sending children into combat, but I do think that National Service of some sort should start the day a child leaves his educational process.

    This is about productivity, I don’t believe that we will ever have to fight another war if we have a strong and mighty military.

    Funding for military does provide economic restoration for money other people in our ecomony.

    I don’t believe in trickly down economics, I believe in trickle up ecomnics, but this is other subject, we are the country we are today, screwed up almost beyond belief becuase of what has trasnpired to our military.

    We are being sucked dry by the corporations that supply the army, the privatization of the Army has been done soley to rob the citizens of our wealth.

    Additionally, I hate what has been done to our military, we no longer have a diverse socio economic group of people in the military, they are all poor people in need of money. this is not right, the troops need to be from every level of our socio economic culture, from the top to the bottom, if it was like this today we would no longer be in Iraq, because people would listen to the troops on their return home and find out what is really transpiring in Iraq which is sick, this is no war, this is a military action done for the sole pupose of control of a region, done to make profit, done to get ride of Saddam who was a witness to corruption.

    I could go on forever about what really needs to be done but you will not get anything like that out of McCain or Obama, they are controled and run by the fascists in our society.

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