Democracy Now!: US bails out AIG for 85 million dollars

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US Seizes Control of AIG with $85 Billion Bailout


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2 thoughts on “Democracy Now!: US bails out AIG for 85 million dollars

  1. The only candidate that can reign in this corruption is Ralph Nader, his time has come, “We the People…”, required belly up to the bar, or refuse to p{l}ay along.

    Neither MS Candidate is qualified to run a Corproation, but Nader is, and will provide a safe, just ,and equally prosperous economy.

  2. For 26 Senate years John McCain, friend of lobbyists and big business, just LOVED deregulation. A week ago he was still campaigning to “get the government out of your way”. (actually out of his friends’ way).

    How things change: When it became evident that deregulation=greed+mismanagement, the Fanny May bailout was “necessary”. Then, on Sept. 16th he expressed his happiness that there will not be a bailout for Lehman, and not any other company anymore. On the 17th he flip-flopped , saying he did not like it but the AIG bailout was necessary. Today (9/18) he criticized Obama for not understanding the economy.

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