Spun Around Nation

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Who gains to win in war? The biggest winners are the War Profiteers. Over 150 in US government are profiting in a big way. NO PUBLIC SERVANT SHOULD PROFIT FROM WAR. That is a conflict of interest. Bring back dignity. Increase the Peace. Many thanks to Rook Faded – http://www.wildscreen.tv/videos/323/rooky-faded – – Gonzo – http://www.wildscreen.tv/videos/386257 – – Babylon A.D – – http://www.wildscreen.tv/videos/386254 – – Political vdo – – Vietnam – – Gonzo — Eagle Eye — Iron Man — I.O.U.S.A. – – W. – – We all can make a difference and increase the peace. More opportunities are open to us then ever before. * StopWarOnIran.org * Get involved.

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One thought on “Spun Around Nation

  1. Hel-Lo,
    Peace is meet with force, so how can peace be achieved ?
    This is not peace this is control & obey.
    my opinion….
    and when is the bill coming to pay for all of this, Tomarrow ?

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