Thank God Almighty – They’re Over


by Guadamour
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Sept. 20, 2008

The Democratic and Republican National Conventions are over.   Thank God Almighty – Hallelujah.

I’ve always wanted to start something with an exclamation like that.   Not that I’ve ever been able to wrap my head around the belief in a God or gods.   I do appreciate God and his alleged son.  They make swearing so much easier.   Language would be much less colorful, paler, weaker and deprived if it didn’t have the use of God to swear.

I am grateful for certain things in life, such as having no television or radio, and having divorced myself from the need to constantly dirty my hands on a newspaper or magazine.   That does not mean I’m ill informed, because I like to think of myself as highly informed.  I am spared most of the bullshit that is two party politics in the US, but not entirely because plenty of it browns the internet.

I just wish the whole frickin election cycle was over, and truly I could never imagine myself writing something like I’ve just written.

I was born into a very political family.  My father was born in 1901 and in the early 1920s was the youngest member of the Montana state legislature.   In 1932 he was also the National Chairman of the Young Republicans.

He supported Herbert Hoover when he was steam-rolled by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932, and always contented that FDR received a lot of credit for programs that Hoover had initiated.   I never knew enough about the history of that era to contest what he said.

I had the opportunity of meeting Hoover when I was quite young and he was quite old.   He showed up and my father and him went on another fly fishing trip together.

My father always dutifully supported the Republican Party–the Grand Old Party, though he was capable of independent thought which I would learn most political ideologues of whatever persuasion are not.

My father supported Gerald Ford over Carter in 1976 as I did, though I did not support Nixon as he had.

When Ronald Reagan was nominated by the GOP in 1980, my Dad supported Carter.   He could see the disastrous unregulated part of the Republican party Reagan represented.  Besides, he had met Reagan years before and realized how unintelligent he was.   Dad thought Carter had the misfortune of being president at the wrong time just as Hoover had.

My father voted third party for the rest of his life until he died in 1990.    He had worked in the Defense Industry for part of his life, and he realized just how corrupt it was and futile it was to waste all that money the Republicans seemed to be intent on throwing down the drain.   He could not support that evil, nor the evil that he felt the Democrats represented.

I’ve always been a GDI (God Damn Independent) since I left home, except for the years I was a registered anarchist (not that I ever really supported the anarchist concepts—I liked the oxymoron principle that I could actually register as an anarchist).

As I get older I find certain parts of my thought taking after the logic of my father.  I’m finding it impossible to support either of the two evils represented by the Democrats and Republicans.

By voting for for what I think is the lesser of two evils I am still left with evil.

I recently heard an address by Congress Dr. Ron Paul of Texas.   Paul is a twenty year member of Congress, a former presidential candidate, and obviously knows his way around Washington and US politics.  In the address explained how little if anything changes whether the Democrats or Republicans are elected.  In his words, “It is a charade.”

Paul, Kucinich and a handful of others are trying to change the system from within.  Though he hasn’t entirely conceded that he can’t, it would seem that Paul has come to re realization that change from within is damn near impossible.

With Doctor Paul and my father in mind, I find that the viable option in terms of voting, and not just voting for the lesser of two evils (which will still leave one with evil), is voting third party.

For me the Green Party Candidate, Cynthia Mc Kinney makes the most sense.   She is an extremely intelligent Black former Democratic Congresswoman from Atlanta, Georgia.

I like a lot of what Nader stands for, but Nader has been so righteously on the correct side for so long he carries too much baggage.   He has never been elected to an office, and I believe for the most part he is unelectable, though he is certainly a more viable candidate than what the Crats & the GOP have regurgitated as candidates.

I am not familiar enough with the Libertarian or Constitutional party candidates to write about them.




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