Our Republic Raped and Still No Revolution! by Joel S. Hirschhorn

by Joel S. Hirschhorn
featured writer
Dandelion Salad
September 22, 2008

Are Americans ready for a revolution? What worse than the current meltdown of the financial sector, the unraveling of our economy, and burdening us and future generations with astounding debt is needed to convince Americans that the two-party plutocracy has sold out ordinary Americans? What we are witnessing is far worse than the taxation without representation that spurred the American Revolution. Taxation with MISrepresentation is a greater evil and shameful sellout of democracy that so many Americans have fought and died for.

Yet, despite over 80 percent of Americans saying that the nation is on the wrong track – BEFORE the current financial crisis, Americans sheepishly seem ready and willing this year to keep voting for Democrats and Republicans. If they had one shred of the smartness and courage of our nation’s Founders, they would overwhelmingly vote for third party presidential candidates to send the clearest and most patriotic message possible to the ruling class that has both major parties in their pocket.

Ousting Democrats and Republicans is more justified and needed than removing the tyranny of the King of England. Our elected domestic tyranny operating as a plutocracy masquerading as a democracy has been raping our nation. Yet middle class victims seem more than willing to keep bending over and asking for more pain and insult as they fall hook, line and sinker for the lies of both Barack Obama and John McCain.

It is far too easy, with the financial sector meltdown, for Americans to only blame Republicans. But Bill Clinton started the deregulation of the financial sector and every evil and stupid thing George W. Bush and Republicans have done could not have happened without the cooperation of corrupt and cowardly Democrats in Congress. They too have inflicted economic sodomy on us and contributed to disgracing our Constitution.

What incredible absurdity that the government seems ready to spend $700 billion to bail out countless crooked, mismanaged and greedy companies (and similar money on the Iraq war) and not ever seriously propose to spend that kind of money on rebuilding the nation’s crumbling physical infrastructure that would immediately create millions of new good paying jobs desperately needed by the middle class.

Now is the time for Americans to wake up, stand up and vote down Republicans and Democrats. How wonderful it would be if the candidate that claims the presidency only receives, say, 20 percent of all eligible voters. This is the first necessary step for we the people to take back OUR country.

[Joel S. Hirschhorn is a co-founder of Friends of the Article V Convention.  Contact Joel S. Hirschhorn through www.delusionaldemocracy.com.]


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6 thoughts on “Our Republic Raped and Still No Revolution! by Joel S. Hirschhorn

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  3. I have been telling everyone I know for months

    now;DON’T VOTE for either of the TWO PARTY

    CANDIDATES;Plesse VOTE for the Alternative

    Candidates. I will Vote for a Libertarian or Independent.

    It would Rock Everything in the Nation if the Third Party

    pulled out a Win in the upcoming election.This is what

    needed if this Country is to survive.

  4. Interesting take – I hadn’t thought of minuscule majority (say 20%) of the popular vote being the first step toward real 3rd party candidates.

    Perhaps we can’t hope for a 20% winner this year, but a slow decline from the high 40 percentile to the 30s over the next couple of elections is possible.

  5. The logic of a third party is the only rational way to vote in 2008; however, much more is needed now than merely voting. I would suggest a citizens arrest of all members of Congress and the administration followed by a trial and imprisonment for all convicted.

  6. I think revolution is a great idea, but voting third party is nothing more than an empty gesture in a voting system that’s compromised.

    We need something a lot bigger than is suggested here. It’s shooting in the right direction so cheers for that. We just need more.

    The first American Revolution wasn’t won with voting third party.

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