Ron Paul on Glen Beck + Bail Outs + Shadow Economy

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Sorry all the videos have been removed by Youtube.



Paul should wear a shirt that says “I told you …


Ron Paul 9/21/08 on bail outs


Ron Paul explains how they gave wall street’s bill to main street. How the dollar will drop, social security will not have buying power.


Ron Paul on the bail outs

Ron Paul talks about the bail outs and the destruction of the dollar. After you watch this please type in Shadow economy and watch that one.


Shadow Economy

March 18, 2009

Video by Ryantineocons

He was deleted by youtube and the new name is here:

ANTI-NECONS is his website:…


Thank You, Ladies and Gentlemen by Richard C. Cook

Welcome to the final stages of the coup… by Larisa Alexandrovna

Bush Exits with a Bang: Toxic Bailout and Two More Wars? By Heather Wokusch

Foreign banks may get help by Mike Allen

G. Edward Griffin – Inflation (1969)

Proposed Bail Out Bill

Kucinich tells Cavuto: economic problems transcend party labels

11 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Glen Beck + Bail Outs + Shadow Economy

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  5. right on Ron Paul . he is right again ..and understands the price of Empire . no more corporate welfare. bring all troops home everywhere . get rid of the patriot act and bring back habias corpus .

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  8. Dr. Paul said, “We are nationalizing these industries and there doesn’t seem to be any concern.”
    He’s abosolutely right and HOLY SHIT that is scary! The “Federal” Reserve doesn’t have to answer to the people. He’s right – what good is Congress if these huge banks can simply do whatever they want?

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