Bernie Sanders: Any company that is too big to fail is too big to exist!

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Bernie Sanders spells out the true origins of our Wall Street meltdown, and proposes the right solution. We need a buy-out, not a bail-out; and we need to restore the regulations that served us well for more than 60 years.

Any company that is too big to fail is too big to exist!


Stand Against the Bailout Scam!


The Bush criminals want to keep financial industry profits and bonuses private, while they leave the tab for reckless and illegal Wall Street behavior with you, me and the rest of middle class America, which is already struggling to get by in Bushco’s “wealth first, trickle-down” world.

I guess they’re actually okay with socializing stuff after all, as long as it benefits them and their cronies exclusively.

If this scam doesn’t have you seething with rage, please check your pulse.

“If it is too big to fail, it is too big to exist.” A MUST watch Bernie Sanders video: [see above]

Ten Reasons Why Bush’s Proposed Bailout is Larceny: [see below]
Tell Congress NO BAILOUT here:

Please do it NOW! Go ahead and be cynical about it if you must, but DO it. Brushing it off with the standard “oh jeez, they’re not going to do anything about it, why even bother” makes you part of the problem. It means you’re willing to do nothing while your country burns. These people pretending to serve us need to know that you’re on to their scam. If more people thought about it this way and actually took action to hold their representatives accountable on a regular basis, maybe we would actually have a Congress that truly served the best interests of the people. Just like the child without an adult around, they will keep their hands in the cookie jar until they know someone is watching.




Ten Reasons Why Bush’s Proposed Bailout Is Larceny from Taxpayers

Taxpayers Foot the Bill, Bankers Keep Profits and Compensation

By Deborah White
Sep 22 2008

Armed with fearfully catastrophic predictions reminiscent of the rushed run-up to the Iraq War, the Bush White House now insists that complete collapse of the world economy is imminent if the Bush administration isn’t IMMEDIATELY given a blank check for up to $1 trillion to dole out to the ailing financial services industries and its richly paid executives.

Wall Street Gets Bailed Out by Me When I’m Getting Screwed?

Wall Street Gets Bailed Out by Me When I’m Getting Screwed?
Explains noted economist Robert Reich at TPM Cafe:

“The public doesn’t like a blank check. They think this whole bailout idea is nuts. They see fat cats on Wall Street who have raked in zillions for years, now extorting in effect $2,000 to $5,000 from every American family to make up for their own nonfeasance, malfeasance, greed, and just plain stupidity.

“Wall Street’s request for a blank check comes at the same time most of the public is worried about their jobs and declining wages, and having enough money to pay for gas and food and health insurance, meet their car payments and mortgage payments, and save for their retirement and childrens’ college education.

“And so the public is asking: Why should Wall Street get bailed out by me when I’m getting screwed?”

Wall Street, of course, wants the public to believe that this “deal” is too complex for the American people to understand. That’s nonsense.

Below are ten quick-reading reasons why this bailout proposal is more a last-chance greedy power grab by the Bush administration than a vital move to protect the American people.


Ten Reasons Why Bush’s Proposed Bailout Is Larceny from Taxpayers – Financial Services Bailout Plan


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