Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Larry King Live (09.24.08)

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Note: Here is the interview with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Larry King Live on Sept. 23, 2010:

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Larry King Live (09.23.10)


Note: replaced videos Oct 3, 2009

September 24, 2008
Larry King interviewed Iran’s president on Tuesday night 23 September 2008. This interview covers Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s take on America’s elections, political candidates, Israel, Zionism and Iraq.
Ahmadinejad was staying in New York for the United Nation’s 63rd General Assembly.

Videos no longer available


Myth of Iran wiping Israel off the map dispelled (interview with Ahmadinejad)

Ahmadinejad DID NOT threaten to “wipe Israel off the map.”

Iranian President Ahmadinejad to Turkish TV – Interview

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  5. To Avraham Abba:

    I deleted your comment because you also spewed hate. You also called for war against Iran. You repeated the lies that have been repeated so many times in the corporate media, which don’t need to repeated again, at least not on my blog. It’s all propaganda.

    Listen to what the president is saying. He is against Zionism, not against the Jewish people.

    Another reason I deleted your comment: It was over 55 lines long.

  6. When did Larry King cease to be an American. He invites the present day Hitler to be his guest and treats him like an old friend. Geez, what a disgrace.

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  9. To Joe: The main point is u dont want to change ur mind. If there were 600000 Jewish refugees from other arab countries (who did allow them to establish government in an other land?!!!) then where did the rest milions come from? When u tell me the word “refugee”, a sense of inocence and being harmed would be imagined but when I recall that aforementioned refygees (!!!) were armed and supported by British and American army within last 60 years, you know, I would lose that kind of sense. To the best of my knowledge as an Iranian, Iran is not an arab country. On the contrary, most Iranians even dislike arabs (unfortunately!!!).

  10. I often ask myself when would the American want to wake up and act like the rest of the World does really matter to them? When would they want to pick a nice person for presidency? when would they want to begin not looking at the rest of the world as more resources to use, burn and waste?! America is bullying the world, trying to pick wars with every country in the world. Vietnam, North Korea,Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, China etc… America is the real threat to the world. You need to realize that the more countries you bully, the more enemies you’re going to create. What you think is going to make you safer, will actually make you more targeted and hated. For each person you kill, their whole families, from brothers, fathers, sons, and daughters, as well as friends and neighbors, there hearts will be filled with hatred and they will seek revenge. Iran is the recipients of America’s terror, Iran underwent 8 years war with Iraq with America’s support in the last 250 years Iran has not attact any country! America is all over many countries…common guys educateyourself and brighten up ur mind!

    I would not expect Ahmadinejad to be more truthful and honest than President Bush or president of Israel. How could you be such a bias nation! How could you forgo all your lies and faults and agression and mass killing happening in Israel, continous violation of due process in your country and keep pointing out to another nation!

  11. I’ve never heard so many lies and half trues in less then an hour.

    To pick one (half true):
    600,000 Jewish refugees from Arab countries (including Iran) had settled in Israel, compared with formal inflated[1] figure of 500,000 Arab refugees at the Israeli Independent war.

    To pick another (lie):
    Iran never attacked USA – yeh right. Training and funding the killers of US soldiers in Iraq and Lebanon doesn’t count, according to Ahmadinejad.

    [1] When the UN representatives in Jordan offered the locals to sign up as Palestinian refugees and receive free food, what else could you expect?

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