Nader Calls McCain’s Move To Postpone Debate ‘Political Stunt’ Says McCain To Blame For Financial Crisis

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from an email from the Nader campaign

Senator John McCain’s decision to suspend his campaign and participation in the first presidential debate is pure and simple showboating. The Washington DC bailout by Bush and his Congressional allies of the Wall Street crooks and speculators is not dependent on Senator McCain’s return to Washington.

He has been an advocate of the deregulation that caused this debacle and offers nothing significant to address it. However, tens of millions of Americans depended on Senator McCain to show up at Friday’s debate in Old Mississippi.

They expected him to do so and have arranged their plans to watch him interact with Barack Obama. By turning his back on at least 50 million American voters anticipating Friday’s debate, he has dishonored his commitment and undermined the respect which he hoped the American people would accord him during his presidential campaign.

I urge him to restore his honor and self-respect by ending this political stunt and maturely fulfilling his commitment on the presidential debate stage this Friday.

Should he choose to maintain his present, impulsive course and leave an empty chair on the stage, I would be most pleased to take his place as the number three Presidential candidate in the race.

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18 thoughts on “Nader Calls McCain’s Move To Postpone Debate ‘Political Stunt’ Says McCain To Blame For Financial Crisis

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  2. Let Nader take McCain’s place. Seriously, McCain/Palin or Obama/Biden, does it really matter? George Wallace said it best, “there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between” Republicans and Democrats. The Democrats willingly went along with the War in Iraq, suspension of Habeas Corpus, Patriot Act, banning books like “America Deceived’ from Amazon, Wikipedia and Facebook, warrant-less wiretapping and opening private mail. They are both guilty of treason.
    Clean them all out and save this great nation.

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  11. I said whoever thought this up for McCain was a genius. It makes him look more concearned about the economy than winning the election. However if it’s seen as “ducking out” of the debate by most Americans it’s going to backfire on him.

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