The McCain camp has got to be ready to disintegrate + McCain Suspends Campaign

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Sent to me by Jacob Roberts, please see his post for lots of links.  Note: Jacob wrote this before today’s news of McCain canceling on the debate on Friday and suspending his campaign, see below for coverage on that.  ~ Lo

The McCain camp has got to be ready to disintegrate: McCain’s awful September

by Jacob Roberts
John McStain
Sept 23, 2008

With top adviser, Carly Fiorina’s departure from the McCain camp after she said that neither McCain nor Sarah Palin* are prepared to be a CEO of a major corporation as one of the first of what would prove to be several disasters that struck the McCain this month, I must admit – I’m seething with joy. Yes, I reap loads of cruelty from overseeing the failures of an old man. I admit it.

Just today, the press** has reported what has got to be some record setting cronyism as Maliki says that Bush is prolonging the war for our “domestic situation” (read: to help disguise his own performance at home and likely ensure continued GOP leadership in the Oval Office) and McCain’s campaign manager, Rick Davis received oodles of dough from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, most likely for access to a potential McBush-Palin White House. That, and it isn’t even Friday yet.

When Friday comes, it may become known as ‘black Friday’ amongst the RNC. McCain’s temper is notorious and he has got to be feeling the strain. He bashed himself publicly because of the Keating Five, yet has not evidently learned the lessons he should have from it. Fortuitously enough (for people as resentful toward him as myself), basically the same situation is happening now 20 years later.

Let’s just hope Obama doesn’t pull any punches at the first debate and takes it as an opportunity to mention the parallel debacle. It’s an extremely useful way not only to dig at McCain’s credibility but undermine his un-deserved ‘maverick’ label. If he doesn’t, I’ll go out on a limb and say he’s probably trying to throw the fight. Either that or he’s just too inept even to destroy what should be an impossible long shot bid for the presidency.

Our economy has taken an enormous blow, right after McCain claimed the fundamentals of our economy our strong then rescinded. Now that’s straight talk. Speaking of forces beyond J Mac’s control, press around Palin has threatened to boycott UN footage of her because of the unprecedented restrictions on their access to the VP candidate.

It seems Steve Schmidt, Karl Rove’s protege and McCain’s senior adviser who runs the campaign’s daily ops has run himself into something of a paradox. His attempts to control the message may have been successful, but it’s the wrong message. His attempts to control the press he thinks is so vehemently anti-Palin have courted a backlash from journalists who like to maintain, at least, the semblance of integrity.***

For me the icing on the cake here is that each of these fiascoes happened after Jill Greenburg just brutalized McCain in an Atlantic photo shoot; it’s almost like she put a curse on him. All that and college students shout him down, major conservative figures speak against him publicly and the polls look bad for the GOP candidate. The fuse on this senator’s powder keg temper, it seems, may be about lit.


*Yes, I get that she also said Biden and Obama, but so what? She’s not their spokeswoman. Her job is to make them look worse than her candidate, not on the same unsteady footing.

** Severely anti-McCain.

*** Our media may not get the coverage right, but they, at least, like the chance to get coverage.


McCain Suspends Campaign to Focus on Economic Crisis


Sen. John McCain announces he will suspend his campaign while Senate works on the bailout proposal.

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John McCain: Meet and Greet 09/23/08


John McCain
Meet and Greet
Berea, OH 09/23/08

John McCain greets people.

JM OH 9-23 (JR#71) UT – ClipA

To download a high resolution version of this clip, visit:…

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What McCain did is just Weird! Odd! Sen Schumer

September 24, 2008 CNN


McCain Can Run… And Look Like A Whiny Girl


Jack Cafferty says that the best way for the American public to understand what the presidential candidates would do about this horrendous financial crisis is for them to have a debate.

McCain is running scared.

Palin is falling apart and they want to delay her debate too.

To top it off, none of them will debate Nader.


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  5. replying to McCain suspending the debate—

    I think it’s a very responsibe move on McCain’s part. There is a financial crisis to be dealth with here and it is still his and Obama’s job. I think it shows he has the forsight and ability to focus on priorities.

    Smart move.

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