If US doesn’t strike [Iran], then Israel will attack + Peres: Israel won’t make concessions in return for missile fire

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excerpts from “If US doesn’t strike [Iran], then Israel will attack”

by Ipek Yezdani, Milliyet, 24 September 2008

Yesterday, the Israeli Embassy held a conference about the Middle East at the Bahcesehir University, Istanbul. Academics working for the Israeli think tank BESA, namely Dr Efraim Inbar, Dr Stuart Cohen, Dr Hillel Frisch; as well as retired general Emanuel Saka took part in this conference.

Dr Hillel Frisch claimed that in the event of a US attack on Iran, Arab countries in the region would not get involved. “However, if Iran were to be attacked by Israel rather than the US, then Syria might join the war as well. At that point, Turkey could play a mediating role in order to prevent the war from spreading to Syria or other Arab countries.”

* link to the original item in Turkish: http://www.milliyet.com.tr/



Peres: Israel won’t make concessions in return for missile fire

by Ronen Medzini, Ynetnews, 24 September 2008

President Shimon Peres met Tuesday evening with his Turkish counterpart Abdullah Gul [in New York], and the two discussed the unofficial peace talks between Israel and Syria.

Peres told Gul that “Israel will not be willing to take painful steps and return territories, and receive missile fire in return.” He added that “the Israeli public wants to see with its own eyes that Syria has changed.”

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