Americans will not take it to the streets until they can no longer afford to go to the Mall

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McCain just won the Election


QUESTION FOR THE COMMENTS below …. an itch you must scratch –…

1.Have the events of this week changed who you plan to vote for?

2. Neither candidate cares about the details of the bailout any more than it can help or hurt their campaign. Did Obama get played as bad as I think he did this week?

3. Why are the Democrats so eager to lap up whatever Bush throws at them?

4. Whatcha doin this weekend? I got me a family gathering.

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7 thoughts on “Americans will not take it to the streets until they can no longer afford to go to the Mall

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  4. It’s obvious that this bailout scam was planned well in advance.

    One thing is sure, no matter what shockingly coincidental emergency befalls us next, we MUST oust this traitorous regime from the White House!
    I don’t hear a word being said about conducting a major investigation into the criminal wrong-doing in high places that has led to this calamity. We can only assume we will get the same level of cooperation, justice, and oversight that was afforded the american people the aftermath of 9/11, Abu Ghraib, and hurricane Katrina.

    I’m just gonna say point blank that if we don’t see hundreds of these scoundrels imprisoned in the aftermath of this scandal, we the people are gonna cease to give our government the benefit of the doubt. We are no longer going to allow them to imprison us for our supposed crimes either. This is going to mark the end of business as usual in the United States.

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