Our Own Agenda: 10 Policies For a Better America

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by Sarah van Gelder

A YES Take on What Americans Want

Large majorities of Americans agree on some of the most important issues of the day, from health care to war. “Ten Policies for a Better America” shows an agenda most of us can agree on—whether we think of ourselves as red, blue, or some other political color.

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Our Own Agenda: 10 Policies For a Better America :: A YES Take on What Americans Want.

from  Ashley Sanders, The Nader Team

You’ve heard it before: Ralph Nader is too radical to be president.

But is he too radical for the 73% of Americans who say corporations don’t pay enough taxes?

Too radical for the 80% who want to increase the minimum wage?

Too radical for the 64% who favor a national health care program, or the 56% calling for a renegotiation of NAFTA?

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