Barack Obama and John McCain Presidential Debate 09.26.08

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From quebb:

The Presidential Debate in a Nutshell: The Thin List of Goals & Plans

Strip out the hyperbole, hubris, arguments and recollections over record, and take away the commentary on things we already know, then you have this is the list of Action Items actually mentioned by the candidates.

To the best of my ability, I have separated the wheat from the chaff, without prejudiced, and bulleted those statements that actually have something to do with goals or action. In italics, I tossed in direct accusations from one candidate against the other, mostly for context in the timeline, and bolded the main action points.

My threshold for ambiguity was very low. Nonetheless, it was thin pickings, I tell you. I think I counted four things total that would actually be a policy decision.


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10 thoughts on “Barack Obama and John McCain Presidential Debate 09.26.08

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  9. Obama did well against cold-blooded killing, non-eye-meeting mcbomb.

    McBomb is a militarist, Obama is not (despite his posturing against the Afghanis, jeez…)

    But it was not a fair debate, a whole side was missing that the people needed to have seen. Ralph Nader and McKinney should have been there, the people should have heard what they had to say about war, bailouts, economy and the extreme danger of electing militaristic maniac mcbomb.

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