Hypocrisy or democracy? Ralph Nader on Russia Today

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While millions of people around the world watched Barack Obama and fellow U.S. presidential candidate John McCain debate each other, another man running for the high office was ignored. Independent Ralph Nader is not allowed to debate McCain and Obama because officials say he doesn’t qualify. However, Nader’s influence on the tight election may be greater than he’s being given credit for.


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8 thoughts on “Hypocrisy or democracy? Ralph Nader on Russia Today

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  3. Yes, it is impossible to criticize Nader and his evaluation of the Debate, both Corp-candidates stayed well within the allowable material that has been repeated ad nauseam for six years now.
    Considering wasted votes, as in election-2006 when a nation together voted in a DEM-majority with clear mandates. This time America needs use this powerful ability wisely, vote Nader along with across the board Independent Congress that (will) change America back into a Constitutional-Gov of Law (of and for the people).

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  7. It’s impossible to deny Nader’s criticism, but by continuing to run and an outside independent–never having been elected to any position–it takes away from the more valid third party candidates such as Cynthia McKinney and Charles Baldwin.

    Nader’s overly large ego gets in the way.

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