The Obama-McCain debate: Right-wing politicians agree on bailout and militarism

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By Patrick Martin
29 September 2008

Friday night’s presidential election debate between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain demonstrated that there is no choice in the 2008 presidential election within the confines of the official two-party system. Two candidates stood facing each other, espousing nearly identical positions in defense of Wall Street and American militarism which would, in any other country in the world, immediately identify them as representatives of the ultra-right.

Both agreed that all possible resources must be mobilized to prop up Wall Street, regardless of the cost to working people. Obama declared, “We have to move swiftly and we have to move wisely,” although he did not explain why speed was required to save the banks and speculators, but not to stop foreclosures, layoffs and the destruction of working class living standards.

McCain praised the bailout talks in Washington, saying, “We are seeing, for the first time in a long time, Republicans and Democrats together, sitting down, trying to work out a solution to this fiscal crisis that we’re in.”

Two days earlier, President Bush went on national television, to all but declare the bankruptcy of American capitalism, warning of an “imminent collapse” of investment banks, “the gears of the American financial system … grinding to a halt,” “a financial panic” and “a long and painful recession.”


The Obama-McCain debate: Right-wing politicians agree on bailout and militarism.

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3 thoughts on “The Obama-McCain debate: Right-wing politicians agree on bailout and militarism

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  2. Yeah, the Dems and Pubs don’t usually work things out together, because the Dems usually just take their marching orders from the Pubs.

  3. All you saw on the debates was the difference between a General – Mc Cain and trying to save America from themselves


    Obama – A private Zero who looked for the flash card to say the right things, that what Private Zero’s do.

    Smart, aware people did not miss this, so liberals keep convincing yourself that everything you say is true.

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