Snow found in Martian skies

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Courtesy NASA
and World Science staff
Sept. 29, 2008

NASA’s Phoe­nix Mars Lan­der has de­tected snow fall­ing from Mar­tian clouds, sci­en­tists say, and space­craft soil tests have given ev­i­dence of past in­ter­ac­tion be­tween min­er­als and liq­uid wa­ter, pro­cesses seen on Earth.

A la­ser in­stru­ment de­signed to gath­er knowl­edge of how the at­mos­phere and sur­face in­ter­act on Mars has de­tected snow from clouds about 4 kilo­me­ters (2.5 miles) above the space­craft’s land­ing site, the re­search­ers re­ported. Da­ta show the snow va­por­iz­ing be­fore reach­ing the ground.


NASA: Snow found in Martian skies.

6 thoughts on “Snow found in Martian skies

  1. I posted this over at D=S, I had a question though, rhetorical…

    If they find even a tiny microbe in the water, what will Jeremiah Wright, Bin Laden and the Pope do for work afterwards????

  2. I am not at all surprised! I personally believe there are trees and other vegetation up there and other life! There are Nasa tree photos doing the rounds – just Google “trees + Mars”.
    The nsow is only what they are admitting they have found – what are they not telling us?

  3. holy crap! I’m surprised Paulson hasn’t requested another 700 bil so he can go to Mars and pawn off shady loans on those poor bastards.

    Uber-friggin-cool. I read daily.

    One Love,
    –Reverend Manny and the Twilight Empire

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