Nader Blasts Corporate Bailout, Warns of Taxpayer Revolt

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By Luke Thomas
October 1, 2008


Behind The Deregulatory Curtain by Ralph Nader

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3 thoughts on “Nader Blasts Corporate Bailout, Warns of Taxpayer Revolt

  1. Epppie, Nader is so intelligent, he’s a breath of fresh air to me. Of course, he can talk about most everything “off the cuff” because he knows his stuff. I also find him very personable. He has kept up with the times.

  2. J.P must be giddy, along with the rest of the un-knowns.
    T.Y. for funding Mental Health for the Dysfunctional”s.
    Annnnd, Who will that be ?

    If not Now, When ?
    A Third Party, not just the President, Congress too !
    Tax-payer’s wake up, this is your Money, too !
    Let Congess know, we don’t want to barrow “our money” from two/three banks, with interest.

  3. I don’t think Nader gives a very good stump speech. He hits a lot of important points in his talk, but doesn’t seem to loosen up until the end, where his style suddenly changes and he seems to be talking off the cuff. The funny thing about it is that Nader seems to be – unlike most politicians – more effective as a speaker when he speaks off the cuff – most likely because, unlike most politicians, he seems to know his stuff.

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