US Senate to Vote on Wall Street Bailout Today!!! (Kucinich)

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A 2nd Vote for the Bailout of Wall Street is happaning today in the US Senate.

Our voices were heard and the House of Representatives voted down the bailout package.


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7 thoughts on “US Senate to Vote on Wall Street Bailout Today!!! (Kucinich)

  1. Thanks for putting this up. I just wrote to my representatives yesterday. Unfortunately, not everyone is as principled and steadfast as Dennis Kucinich.

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  4. sandysays1, thanks for your comment, however, you didn’t put a link to your blog in it.

    Actually I’ve posted quite a lot on this topic and made an Action Alert post with several links on it. See the list of posts at the end of this post.

    epppie, I do love Kucinich.

    Good points, Barry.

  5. I’ve already done so and voiced my concerns on my own blog. There’s zero accountability. No one learns from this.

    Why is it that Bush wants “markets to work their way out” well until they need a handout that is…

    Banks should:

    1. Put together payment terms homeowners can live with.
    2. Put homes on the market for sale when terms can not be reached with homeowner
    3. Sell the home at whatever it takes, and write off the remainder
    4. Learn from their actions

    But alas, we want to take the easy route, and lump the payment on the backs of the taxpayers.

    I have no problems with Wall Street, they’re holding a hell of a lot of my money, which hopefully will be come around before I retire. But someone has to be held accountable here, and it seems no one really is…

  6. Obviously you’re concerned about what’s happening in DC. Please see my blog. It’s urgent that we send a message to the Senate they aren’t going to get off free by rerouting the bailout bill their to avoid retribution in November. There are some tools to help do it.

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