The Wall Street bailout and the threat of dictatorship

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By Bill Van Auken, Socialist Equality Party vice presidential candidate

2 October 2008

Recriminations have continued to reverberate internationally over the vote in the US House of Representatives Monday to reject a $700 billion bailout package for the Wall Street banks.

Much of the opposition in the 228-to-205 vote to defeat the bailout was attributed to representatives—Democratic and Republican alike—who face tight races for their seats in November and fear being tarred by their opponents as shills for Wall Street who handed over hundreds of billions in taxpayers’ money to the CEOs and speculators who are responsible for the crisis.


The Wall Street bailout and the threat of dictatorship.

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  3. They don’t give a crap, they gotten their’ and ther’yr out of here. “We’re” standing holding an I.O.U., and no-one wants to trade….now what ?

    We’re sucker’s, and its just the way it is.

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