Joe Biden & Sarah Palin Vice Presidential Debate

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17 thoughts on “Joe Biden & Sarah Palin Vice Presidential Debate

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  2. the GOP would dare schedule any more unscripted air time for Palin b/c this will give people more time to realize that she doesn’t have a clue… the prospect of her becoming the Commander in Chief is frightening

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  8. MoNay, did you happen to miss seeing the interviews Palin has done? She hasn’t a clue on most issues. The debate was all campaign talking points regurgitated. And I’m not an Obama supporter.

  9. TO: Scart
    Your comment that Sarah Palin couldn’t handle a debate by herself is quite amusing! Obama worked on debate speeches for weeks and had 24 practice debates!! He is running for President. Many refer to Obama’s canned memorized speeches as bland & unemotional. I have found them contradictory. He is going to lower taxes, provide healthcare for all, & pay down the national debt. Do the math – it does not compute. Many presidents have tried to provide healthcare for all. Actually it was Hilary’s platform he took over.
    Sarah Palin was a terrific debater even tho the Gwen Ifill (Obama supporter) didn’t not always provide her with a rebutal to Bidens comments. Gwen would ask the next question.

    Vote for the Mavericks

  10. she transfigured desperately
    but merely two real slips only …
    – and I knew again after, why
    I had preferred Dodd over Biden.

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  12. I think it was pretty obvious that she was answering with others’ words, not her own.

    They all are puppets, Dems and Repubs alike. The whole world should be able to vote for the US president as the US effects the whole world (very negatively).

  13. Thank goodness for the “Blackberry” hey Sarah? Even Republicans are reported to be disgusted with her blatant “cheating” by being sent the answers and constantly looking down to check what her answers were supposed to be on her little organiser/cellphone. If the Palin’s not up for the job then get someone who is but for the sake of the US, don’t vote in a 2IC that can’t even handle a simple debate by herself without being coached.

    I though the US had had enough of electing Puppets.

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  15. To me, Palin’s comments about the role of the Vice President in the Senate were quite disturbing. The implication, the repeated implication, as I heard it, was that she would actually EXPAND on Cheney’s precedent and would actively shape the Senate’s agenda. I sure am glad that Biden responded to that.

    While it’s true that the Constitution doesn’t rule out such a role for the Vice President – it sure doesn’t suggest any such role. It calls the Veep president of the Senate, it stipulates that the Veep (as an officer of the government) is NOT a member of the Senate and does not vote in the Senate (except in case of a tie).

    In fact, if the Vice President DID set agenda in the Senate, there would be a conflict of interestt with the Congress’ role in oversight over the Executive Branch.

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