Conflict in Pakistan + What do the Taliban want in Pakistan?

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Beena Sarwar: Over the last few years the agenda of local militants and the Taliban have converged….


What do the Taliban want in Pakistan?

Dr. Tariq Amin-Khan: Taliban seek to gain popular support by inciting Pakistani military

One thought on “Conflict in Pakistan + What do the Taliban want in Pakistan?

  1. Tariq Amin Khan, like most Pakistani commentators, never address the issue of the Taliban being allowed to re-group in the safe hide-outs in Pakistan. The US and NATO not attacking the Taliban within Pakistan, while the Pakistani army reluctant to act against the Taliban, is clearly not an option. Either you do it, or let NATO do that. Just by suggesting that the terrain is difficult to fight, education needs to be made available to the kids, and so on, is nothing but a ploy to buy time on behalf of the Taliban.
    The whole muslim world is actually helping the Taliban one way or the another, and the truth is that they do not want to see the Taliban gone.

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