Dennis Kucinich: Why! Why! Why! + Paul: You’re Going To Guarantee A Depression!!!

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October 03, 2008 C-SPAN

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see: Kucinich: It Is Still a Bad Bailout


Ron Paul: You’re Going To Guarantee A Depression!!!

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7 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich: Why! Why! Why! + Paul: You’re Going To Guarantee A Depression!!!

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  2. Refuse to play, what is “they” gonna do ’bout it ?
    Suffer, that’s all…..U ain’t playin’, no mo.
    Banks run on money[obviously], so stop the circulation of our money building “our” Interest in lands that Hate us for “our” Law N Order.

    Evict all with Incum. D. or R. next to their Names.
    A new Congress, at least they’ll be different names.

  3. It’s going to be interesting watching how this fiasco will play out. I tend to believe that Paul’s opinion is the correct one.

  4. All due respect to all three, I don’t think anyone knows anything.

    Greed is a biological impulse, left unchecked, it becomes a ravenous disease. The people each made the indiviual choice to buy into the greed-machine, spooky slot-pulling speculation, raygunomic free-markartet malarkey. It is an impulse all religions seem to try to address.

    When it comes to destructive biological impulses morphed into sociological diseases: Greed, War, Violence, Hunting, Bigotry– you need to legislate and control this with the rule of law and regulation at the very least, as the backbone of social reform.

    Regulate these horrific mind-monstors in our psyche to smithereens or they will rear their ugly heads. If society is what you want, then there must be rules and retribution. But in the end, it could be that society itself is a myth.

    Grow food, be independent, don’t buy into industrialized capitalistic speculation, paper assets are just that. This is what this mythic crisis is teaching us. But who among us will oblige?

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