Ralph Nader on The Wallstreet Bailout Bill!

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October 02, 2008 CNN



Ralph Nader Is Interviewed on CNN’s “American Morning”

CQ Politics

Oct 3, 2008

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CHETRY: Did you buy Sarah Palin ’s claim that the McCain-Palin ticket is actually the ticket of change?

NADER: That debate is just a side show, Kiran. It’s the clone of the major debates by McCain and Obama. The main event is right here in Washington, where Wall Street is trying to shake down Washington, D.C., namely, the U.S. taxpayer on this $700 billion bailout.

CHETRY: Yes. You are saying that you think that it’s the wrong mistake, even with the new provisions that are in this?

NADER: There are a lot of freebies and goodies for all these commercial interests. It’s gone from a four-page bill to over 400 pages. You know what that means. But look at the questions that aren’t being answered for the American taxpayer? For example, who’s going to pay for this $700 billion? I suggest a one-tenth of one percent on this securities derivative speculation that are going on. That’s $500 billion they could raise. I suggest that the American taxpayer want to know, is this going to affect interest rates?

There’s nothing in this bill to avert home foreclosures and defaults. There’s no regulation in this bill. No law and order. No sheriff on the corporate speculation beat. No corporate crime and force provisions against the crooks in Wall Street who are jumping into golden life boats with huge pay packages.


via CQ Politics | CQ Transcript: Ralph Nader Is Interviewed on CNN’s “American Morning”.


Updated: Sept. 12, 2014

Nader talks in West Virginia about the Wall Street Bailout

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2008 Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader discusses the proposed Wall Street Bailout and his solutions. This is in response to a question asked by a student at the University of West Virginia, in Morgantown, on September 24, 2008.


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