Truth is incompatible with politics By Roland Michel Tremblay

By Roland Michel Tremblay
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Revised: Oct. 7, 2008
Oct. 5, 2008

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Mr. President, it is getting harder to understand and follow up on your hidden agendas. What’s next, the total annihilation of humanity? Except of course for you and all those billionaires, who miraculously will not be affected by the greatest financial depression since 1929. We feel you will all be partying like if it was 1929, as perhaps this is how you make your fortune, whilst the rest of us, fools, will foot the gargantuan bill.

Mr. President, what is the truth now? Was 9/11 planned? Is this financial terror also artificially created by you? Is it true that by your doing, democracy is now dead? I bet you still have plans to attack Iran despite the anticipated disastrous consequences.

You give the impression to be pushing for the Third World War in order to profit through all those war contracts, and in the long term, reap more profits out of oil contracts by beating Russia to it. You seem to be willing to sacrifice America and the world, in the pursuit of your own self interests and greed.

Mr. President, do you really care if the price of oil goes ballistic, if the whole U.S. economy goes bust and if America goes bankrupt? I believe we can confirm that you helped a great deal in eradicating the middle-class in America, and did nothing if not worsen the fate of those 37 million Americans living in utter poverty. Must be nearly 100 millions now, soon to be all 300 millions.

It is true that in your country, not only no one can afford health care, but also, no one can afford any kind of justice through the legal system. In Eastern Europe, even in many places in the Third World, people have free access to health care and justice.

You may soon be responsible for turning your country, the United States of America, into something worse than a Third World country. What a great President you are. Tell us, tell us your legacy, for all of us, for history. Tell us how brilliantly you succeeded in working for your own interests, the ones of your family, closest advisers and corporate partners. I hope one day, if you do not tell us the truth, we will at least find out. Maybe we already found out and somehow it is not reaching anyone.

Mr. President, is it true that electoral ballots are rigged, that those voting machines are easy to manipulate, and elections have been stolen twice? It does seem that McCain’s victory is now assured no matter how people will vote. I have heard that you might declare a state of emergency before the next elections, and even declare martial law and cancel the elections in order to stay in power.

I cannot believe, whilst the rest of the world is completely clued up about you, that half of America would still wish to vote for the Republicans. It must be true that somehow you even found a way to control not only all the main electoral opinion polls, but all the mass media as well.

Is it possible that nothing we read or watch on TV, is the truth any longer? It appears that most key journalists are all now on the payroll of your corporate friends financing your campaigns, and they are the only ones reporting to the masses. Are we so deluded that we think the nation thinks a certain way, vote a certain way, when this is all but a lie?

John McCain, the Republicans, cannot possibly be still popular. Too much has gone through, too much has been said, too much evidence against such corruption at every single level of this society has become known and is now transparent.

Nothing we do makes any sense anymore. Trying to figure out your big plan for a fascist state is not easy, because we have to see through all the lies, read between all the lines, and there is no real resistance against you. We cannot be heard, we cannot get through. We have the facts, we have proof, we write and publish books about it, and yet, somehow, you are still winning, only your own distorted truth reaches us all.

If I was not fighting you, Mr. President, I would be so depressed from the fact that the people have become so powerless to stop you, I would commit suicide. As it stands, I’m still hoping I can make a difference, alone, against such power, the power of corruption, the power of lies, when it comes from the authorities against such a small voice, the voice of millions of people.

Your citizens you are paid to represent, whilst you did everything else but represent them in the last decade. What a traitor you are to your own nation, what traitors are Republicans to their own country! And don’t kid yourself, it is now common knowledge all over the world.

And the world knows that Democrats are not to be trusted either, they supported you and your hidden agendas all the way. Your supremacy is absolute, and will be ongoing. So much so, we have all lost faith in democracy, in politics, in our institutions. We can no longer trust anyone. Complete chaos you leave behind, and a national debt which can never be repaid, sinking the rest of the world with it as everything is now so interlinked together.

It was well done! People say you are brainless, others that you are a psychopath, it is because they ignore your true hidden agendas. At the very least I will acknowledge your brilliance, what a clever man you are! Never would have I dreamt someone would have the guts to go through with such grand plans, and this time it might actually succeed beyond your expectations. True, it is the third time, if not the fourth, your family has tried this sort of worldwide takeover. Let’s study this further.

Mr. President, perhaps you would like to tell us the truth about your grandfather helping Hitler rise to power, by financing his campaign, and thereafter his company’s assets were seized in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act. And that the money he made from these dealings helped to establish your family fortune and set up its political dynasty:

Maybe you should tell us about your great-grandfather who was also involved in the armament business during the First World War, and somehow worked towards making it happen in order to profit from it:

And we would welcome a few words about your actual family involvement in the 70s in the Savings and Loan Scandal which cost American tax payers over $1.4 trillion dollars. Are today’s events just a repeat of this corporate theft on a grand scale, interests that you and your family represent? Most of you are all sitting on these boards of directors, of these large corporations who profit from all these irrational decisions we have made recently. We have a hard time keeping track of who’s who in your family, and who’s doing what exactly. We all know though that it represents gross conflict of interests, and yet you get away with it:

Well, now you know why I do not trust you, why I am sure you are lying through your teeth, and I demand we change the name of that airport in Texas which is in your name, as now this is a shameful name all over the world.

It is a safer bet that the brother, son, grandson or great grandson is doing exactly the same thing his family has always been doing, and the signs are there that you are, as corrupt as all of them, fomenting world wars and global control of the world. Repeating history, the same schemes to steal as much money as possible from anyone and everyone, insuring your family will always remain somehow in power, in charge of the world, creating chaos. There is no doubt John McCain will simply continue this legacy.

I wonder how long it will be before your brother becomes the American President, and hence, of the world. So powerful you have made the United States, that it dictates worldwide, without the need for diplomacy. Just listen to the voice of those cannons, of those nuclear warheads, they are heading our way.

But for how long, you have brought about the destruction of your country, as greed and power were far more important to your family, than the health and wealth of your own countrymen. How so unpatriotic of you, to turn the multiple millionaires into billionaires, whilst the rest of the country starves to death and has only one solution left, civil war. Something you are in fact encouraging, as it serves your purpose, and you are ready for it. Hoping the financial meltdown might suffice to provoke such a state of affair.

Mr. President, explain yourself on those concentration camps in the U.S. awaiting just this sort of thing, a civil war. Capable of holding thousands of people, equipped with millions of plastic coffins in preparation for the bloodshed of the century:

I stopped reading newspapers years ago, because I could not stand reading all those lies coming out of political life, whether I was in Canada, in the United Kingdom, in France or in the United States. As it happens, I have lived in all those countries, and everywhere you had to dig deep indeed to find the real truth behind any headline. And how such other matters of heightened surveillance and destruction of freedom and privacy are taken so lightly. Describing in detail the police state and Big Brother state we live in, as if it was a matter of normalcy.

And the rest of the people unaware of it, with statistics telling them that this is what they want and always wanted. Of course, none of us ever wanted any kind of freedom in this life. Your statistics are so blatantly lying, it is ridiculous. No one can ever trust anything coming out of any government, certainly not any kind of statistic or opinion poll, not at this time anyway.

I was tired of lies, of ignorance, of the collaboration everyone seemed eager to give any authority in their pursuit to our unhappiness. It does drain you, if you have a brain to see through all that. You might then wish you were brainless and could go on living in absolute ignorance. Somehow you can’t, as it hits you on the head on every street corner. So in our life, so in our face, all this is. Still, most people are asleep. Or are they? Or is it just the impression the mass media is giving, pretending to?

America is not stupid, America is awake! I feel it might suddenly wake up with no warning, and it will overpower any contingency plan Mr. President might have thought would be sufficient to contain any such revolution.

You cannot contain 300 million people when they demand the head of their President. And it is about time something happen to stop you, Mr. President. It doesn’t matter how many days you have left in office, because from you, we can expect anything at any time, and don’t we know it!

The impeachment procedures might be going nowhere, they still went far enough to prove one thing: you are guilty and you deserve to be impeached. If not sued for crimes against humanity, but that will come in its own time.

No such right to lie will ever be granted to any of us, and we certainly pay a high price for the smallest lie we tell. Our politicians, our Mr. President, must obey the same rules, they must not lie at any time, and must pay dearly if they do. It does so happen that we can prove that most politicians lie most of the time.

If the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Great Britain went on the news tonight to tell us the real truth behind recent events, we would most likely be declaring the Third World War instantly, and most probably suffer a few civil wars as well in the process.

In any circumstance, never expect the truth, or at least all the truth, and you will be better off not to become obsessed by it. Be happy, somehow, with all these lies you are being fed on a daily basis by everyone you will ever encounter. And most importantly, never lie yourself, as you can no longer get away with it. But how could you achieve such a feat. Then, be ready for the consequences.

After all, it is only human nature to lie all the time. Isn’t this right, Mr. President?


This article is an excerpt of the book “Destructivism, The Path to Self-Destruction”:

Roland Michel Tremblay is an author with six books published in France. He is a French-Canadian born in 1972 who has been living in London UK for 15 years. He can be contacted at this e-mail address:


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  2. DS

    This post echoes the sentiments of millions, not only in the US, but the world over.

    Here in the UK, the situation is the same. How these criminals have forwarded their police state planning while a stunned and ever increasingly irate public simmer under the cosh.

    Let us hope that the awakening to the deceptive government and corporate structures increasese and leads to a re shuffle of priorities among common people.

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