Bill Moyers Journal: Emma Coleman Jordan on the Bailout

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Note: 12/13/08 Here’s the latest: Bill Moyers Journal: Glenn Greenwald + Emma Coleman Jordan + FCC Update

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Bill Moyers Journal

Oct. 3, 2008

Emma Coleman Jordan on the Bailout

Georgetown University’s legal and finance scholar Emma Coleman Jordan looks behind the headlines, and the politics, of the Wall Street bailout debate on the Hill and on Main Street.
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Kathleen Hall Jamieson and Brooke Gladstone

The JOURNAL takes an in-depth look at the news of the week to sort out the media-frenzied hype from the facts the public needs to know.’s Kathleen Hall Jamieson and ON THE MEDIA’s Brooke Gladstone dissect the campaign coverage.
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Updated: added videos

Bill Moyers Interviews Emma Coleman Jordan



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