Three Way Vice Presidential Debate: Palin, Biden, Gonzalez

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Vice Presidential Candidate Matt Gonzalez was barred from the 2008 Vice Presidential Debate hosted by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) on October 2nd, just as Independent Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader was barred from the first Presidential CPD Debate on September 26th.

If you’d like to see all major candidates participate in a debate please visit:

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Video created by Manila Ryce

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17 thoughts on “Three Way Vice Presidential Debate: Palin, Biden, Gonzalez

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  3. Too bad a vote for 3rd party will help McCain/Palin.

    Start NOW to fight for the right for 3rd party candidates to be included in the process for the next election, for this one DON’T RISK putting the nightmare team of McCain/ Palin in office!!


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  12. When are we going to stand up to “evil”? I’m not willing to wait and am not convinced it will be any better in 4 yrs. To quote Rabbi Hillel: If not now, when?

    There isn’t that much difference betw the 2 major party candidates.

    As I mentioned before, we cannot live in fear.

    The Democratic Party needs to put up better candidates. The Dem Party is complicit in the destruction of our country. I cannot support them. And will not support them.

  13. Lo,

    I’ve got to agree with Blu on this. Voting for a 3rd party candidate in a state that’s solidly for either Obama or McCain gets a good message across. Doing so in any other state risks too much. A McCain Presidency would be disastrous on many levels and I can’t risk it.

    Instead of pushing for a 3rd party candidate, why not push for Clean Election legislation, Once the voting system is stripped of (most to all) corporate / special interest corruption 3rd party candidates become viable. Additional legislation like Instant Runoff Voting could be pursued more easily with clean candidates in office which would seal the deal for 3rd parties.

    You’ve also got to consider the racism factor. A Stanford Poll out recently finds many won’t vote for Obama because he’s black. He has a built in disadvantage. This may not be factored into the polls. I’ve heard some say Obama will need to be several points ahead in the polls on election day to win.

    Strongly consider what the next four years will look like if McCain is elected rather than Obama. Imagine it as if it has already happened… then cast your vote.

  14. You make great points Lo, I would LOVE to see Nadar and Gonzalez win! I just don’t want to risk McCain/Palin being elected. I agree 100% with your assessment of the 2 party candidates. Listening to Biden in the debate made me sick!

    I hate it that we are faced with the “lesser evil” choice, I just don’t think any 3rd party will win…not yet.

    We have to be realistic, if you’re in a battleground state, your vote for a 3rd party candidate instead of Obama risks putting the repugnacans in power. That scares the hell out of me!

    I believe with my whole heart that we have to start working on opening the elections to 3rd party candidates, as it is NOW, it WILL NOT work…It WILL backfire. I am not willing to take that risk…not under the present circumstances.

    I repeat I would LOVE to see a 3rd party victory, someday that will happen. That day is not yet unfortunately 😦

  15. The Republican Party panders to their base of the religious right, and the Democratic Party takes it’s left-leaning supporters for granted. It’s got to change.

    Both parties depend on us citizens to live in fear. The Republicans use fear continuously and the Democratic Party does the same by threatening if one doesn’t vote for them we will have the Republicans in office. Living in fear is not healthy. It’s time to wake the eff up and take back our country.

  16. Not necessarily, Blu. From the polls when Nader is included votes have been taken from McCain, not Obama. Nader has mentioned this several times in various newsletters.

    How long are we going to stand for the delusion of a democracy in our country? Voting either of those 2 parties perpetuates the myth.

    I’m sorry but if Obama cannot win after 8 yrs of the worst admin ever, he doesn’t deserve to win. All he has been doing is running towards the right (he’s already at center).

    The Democratic Party needs to come back to me and others that have been left out for decades now. Until they realize that the left isn’t going to automatically support center, center-right candidates they are not going to get my vote.

    Have you listened to what Nader (and other third parties) has been talking about this election season? Both the Dems and Repubs are owned by the corporations that fund them. Nothing is going to change.

    One of the main reasons I cannot vote for the Democratic Party is that they continually act undemocratic. Why are third party candidates left out of the debates? Why is it so difficult to get on the states’ ballots?

    To quote Gary Corseri: we must have courage, not hope.


  17. Too bad a vote for 3rd party will help McCain/Palin.

    Start NOW to fight for the right for 3rd party candidates to be included in the process for the next election, for this one DON’T RISK putting the nightmare team of McCain/ Palin in office!!

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