Derrick Jensen & Radio Roxanne: Premise One Civilization is not and can never be sustainable

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This post is a link to a 27 min. 59 sec. Radio Roxanne audio interview with writer and environmental activist Derrick Jensen.  This is the 1st in a series of 20 interviews based on his 20 premises from his 2 volume book, Endgame.

At a time when the whole world is reeling from a collapsing economy, it’s a good idea to ask what is the relationship between the economy and the planet, when every eco-system is also in collapse.  And to ask:  What is worthy of saving from collapse, “the markets”, or the planet we call our home?  (And to recognize we can have one, or the other, but not both.)  Yesterday I posted a Naomi Wolf video calling for direct action regarding the criminals in the white house.  It’s a place to start, but it doesn’t end there….

As the economy continues to collapse, and further social and political collapse follows (including the collapse of infrastructures that were already collapsing, and now will be less of a priority by collapsing state govt’s), it’s imperative to ensure the planet can support life beyond our current crisis, despite the collapse of any form of government we’ve been taught to believe is what we need to save so said gov’t will save us (even though we should have learned at least from Katrina –and Ike –and Gustav–that this is nonsense!!)

In this first interview in the series, we talk about:

What is “civilization”?
What is “sustainable”? —One in four mammals is at risk of disappearing forever, according to the latest assessment by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.  Is that “sustainable”?
What is “industrial”?
What is meant by “resources”?
We also discuss peak oil, the proper predator prey relationship and how that is related to sustainability, and…

Vandana Shiva points out in her book Earth Democracy, the root word of Ecology and Economy are the same:  Eco.  Meaning: HOME.  Now think about this:  If what you were taught to believe is that your home depends upon a cultural construct (the economy), (and yes, that’s what we were taught to believe in the dominant culture) and that construct is under threat of collapse.

…AND:  If you also know that your REAL, unconstructed, physical world–Your REAL HOME–Is also under threat. ( ~In part from too many constructs~)

…Which would you try to save?  Which would you protect from collapse?


Derrick Jensen is the author of at least 12 books, most recently:

–How Shall I Live My Life? –A series of interviews with others about liberating the earth from civilization.

Thought to Exist in the Wild (Awakening From the Nightmare of Zoos)

–And, co-authored with artist-activist Stephanie MacMillan, the graphic novel, As the World Burns (50 Simple Things You Can Do To Stay In Denial)
-This is a hilarious and biting social commentary critiqueing the environmental movement, especially lifestyle activism.  It’s a wonderful, heartwrenching story of passionate resistance personified in the lead characters of Franti and Bunnista the activist rabbit who escaped from a vivisection lab.  A book I personally love!

Jensen wrote his Two Volume book, Endgame in 2004.  Since then, he has travelled to hundreds of cities to give his Endgame talk–A bold exploration of—and call to resist–and dismantle–civilization.

In this interview, from August 12th, 2008–The first in a series of 20 based on the premises in his book, we started with.

“Premise One:  Civilization is not and can never be sustainable.  This is especially true of industrial civilization.”

Because it is so unusual for a book to state its author’s premises up front, we began by asking why Jensen chose to do so.

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Thank you for listening!  Please stay tuned for our next talk with Derrick Jensen about Premise Two.


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