Dr. Jeff Kassel: You can’t borrow your way into prosperity

Dandelion Salad

Joe Briggs

You Need Somebody Like Me .. to tell you how to manage your money

Dr. Jeff Kassel tells Joe Briggs how bad the debt crisis is on PolicyWatch. MCAM-TV23 Manchester NH


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Renewed Interest: Analyst Ties Monetary Reform To Social Credit Movement (2007; Richard C. Cook)

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The Fed Now Owns The World’s Largest Insurance Company – But Who Owns The Fed? by Dr. Ellen Brown

“To the Bunkers!”: Central banks slash rates in emergency “midnight” meeting By Mike Whitney

One thought on “Dr. Jeff Kassel: You can’t borrow your way into prosperity

  1. Debt based life-style is over, pay off credit cards, and cut the credit cards up.
    Not “In God We Trust”, We trust in God, all other’s pay cash.
    Where’d the Money go ?
    Trillions of $$$ missing, where’s the F.B.I., or D.O.J., isn’t this a worthy cause, & more important than chasing a pot-head, or a petty theif ?

    Support “our Troop’s” bring them home before “we[the people]” we can’t, and we lose them !

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