European, Asian Markets Plunge as Recession Fears Spread Worldwide

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Oct 8, 2008

European, Asian Markets Plunge as Recession Fears Spread Worldwide

As stock indexes plunge across Europe and Asia, Britain unveiled plans today to inject up to 50 billion pounds—close to $90 billion—into its biggest retail banks. Recent efforts to bolster world credit markets have failed to stem fears that the spreading financial crisis could lead to a global recession. We go to Rome to speak to economist Loretta Napoleoni, author of Rogue Economics: Capitalism’s New Reality. [includes rush transcript]

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via Democracy Now! | European, Asian Markets Plunge as Recession Fears Spread Worldwide

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U.S. Army prepares to invade U.S.

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This is a very good wrap up of events that have already taken place in our country.  ~ Lo


The plans to implement martial law in America have been taking shape for decades, hidden behind “Continuity of Government” contingency planning. Now, with public outcry over the banker bailout bill at fever pitch, all of the pieces are in place for the U.S. Army to start policing American citizens.

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“Invasion of the Sea-Smurfs”

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